coronavirus still slows down (yesterday, 8 new cases and 7 deaths), South Korea follows

coronavirus still slows down (yesterday, 8 new cases and 7 deaths), South Korea follows

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China reported on Friday only 8 new coronavirus infections, the lowest figure since the start of the release of statistics on the epidemic in mid-January.

Among these additional cases, 5 were recorded in the city of Wuhan (center), the epicenter of Covid-19 where the virus appeared in late 2019.

The 3 other contaminations listed (2 in Shanghai and 1 in Beijing) are caused by people from abroad. Their nationality has not been specified.

Cases “imported” from abroad, a new challenge

China now has a total of 88 cases “imported” from other countries: a new challenge for health authorities, who had successfully stemmed the spread of Covid-19 on national soil.

The Department of Health also announced Friday 7 additional deaths, bringing the total to 3,176 in mainland China (excluding Hong Kong and Macao). More than 80,000 people were infected in the country.

Very noticeable improvement and relaxation of restrictions

With the significant improvement seen in recent weeks, the authorities have started to relax restrictions on the 56 million inhabitants of Hubei Province – of which Wuhan is the capital.

Most cities had been cordoned off there since the end of January. But most healthy people in the weakest affected areas can now travel within provincial borders.

The people of Wuhan are not currently affected by these measures. But many businesses in the city have been allowed since this week to resume operations.

South Korea slows new cases

South Korea reported more recoveries on Friday than new cases, the first since the epidemic began in the country in January, raising hopes of a downward trend in the largest hot spot outside of China. continental.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) identified 110 new confirmed cases of coronavirus contamination on Friday, down slightly from the previous day (114), bringing the total to 7,979 people infected with the virus since its appearance.

Conversely, 177 patients were discharged from hospitals where they had been placed in isolation for treatment.

It is the first time that the daily number of people cured has exceeded that of new cases since the first patient was confirmed on January 20 in South Korea.

However, the authorities remain cautious after the appearance of new sources of contamination, notably in a call center located in a densely populated area of ​​Seoul and in a government agency in the city of Sejong.

Among the new cases reported on Friday, 61 were identified in Daegu, a city in the south-east severely affected by the coronavirus. Seventeen cases were confirmed in Sejong and 13 in Seoul.

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