“Crime Scene: The Perfect Crime”: This location is historical


© rbb / die film gmbh / Volker Roloff
Meret Becker in the historical walls of the lion villa

History was made at this place: The makers of the “Crime Scene: The Perfect Crime” chose a very special villa for their filming.

Historic location in the current Berlin “crime scene”! For the work in and on the alleged student villa, the makers of “The Perfect Crime” have chosen a very special place: the famous Lion Villa on Gregor-Mendel-Strasse in Potsdam. This is in the immediate vicinity of the world-famous Sanssouci Palace. The property was built in 1905 in the forms of neo-baroque and art nouveau and has remained almost unchanged to this day. She achieved particular historical fame in the wake of the failed Stauffenberg assassination attempt on July 20, 1944.

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The bomb that was supposed to kill Adolf Hitler in his wolf jump was previously stored in the lion’s villa and was only picked up there on the morning of the attack. At that time the property belonged to the conspirator Fritz von der Lancken, whose granddaughter Claudia Marquard is still in his possession. The villa can therefore also be seen in the famous Hollywood production “Operation Walkure” with Tom Cruise in the leading role as Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg.


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