Criticism of ‘Socialite’ for failing to comply with prevention measures in a report with a 91-year-old woman

Criticism of 'Socialité' for failing to comply with prevention measures in a report with a 91-year-old woman

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Maria Patino and the connection of the live report of ‘Socialite’

Socialite ‘had one of the most emotional pieces of the day ready for delivery on Saturday, March 28. His reporter Alexia Rivas had moved to a solidarity building where there are neighbors who make purchases from people at risk. From the set, Maria Patino the connection was starting visibly excited, but the public does not seem to have reached it in the same way and they have strongly criticized the Telecinco space.

On the landing of that building were the camera, the reporter, the supportive neighbor, and the 91-year-old lady from whom they made the purchase. It is true that Maria Patino did not stop asking them to maintain the safety distance, something they tried to respect, but it was not entirely the most appropriate one to two meters. To all this, nobody wore gloves (except the lady) or mask.

Elisa has recently lost two children

It is true that what they wanted to show was something tender, because Rocio (the young neighbor) felt that she had to help her older neighbors and offered her help to make the purchase or go to the pharmacy while the state of alarm lasts. One of those who helps is Elisa, who is among the population at risk and who has also recently lost two children; the second, a few days ago due to the coronavirus. ‘She was not normal, but has lived until now. Always very protected and has been happy. We have tried to help her where we could. Now it has touched him with the virus. Three months ago I lost my son and it was my feet and my hands. ‘

Immediately, they changed the subject to continue with the matter of the purchase. Elisa, wearing gloves, entered the envelope containing the shopping list and the necessary money. It was there when one of the moments that most caught the attention of viewers occurred, because the reporter approaches the lady to take the envelope before the surprise look of the younger neighbor.

‘It is shameful!’

Viewers have dismissed this report as ‘shameful’ and ‘unnecessary’. One of them harshly criticized how this piece was being performed on their social networks: ‘What little shame you have. You go to the house of a risky lady and both the journalist and the lady who accompanies her, without gloves or mask. Of course, what needs to be done to have moments of glory on television. ‘ Another, for her part, was more aggressive publishing: ‘But don’t touch her gili … Give her a mask at least … What a shame!’


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