Cups, key chains, t-shirts … Five websites of personalized gifts for Father’s Day 2020

Cups, key chains, t-shirts ... Five websites of personalized gifts for Father's Day 2020

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With the arrival of Father’s day This Thursday, March 19, 2020 there are always many headaches to find and hit with a gift without falling into the typical ones.

To avoid repeating gift year after year, a good idea is resort to handmade gifts, an idea designed, above all, for the smallest of the house. For the older children who also want to have a detail with their father on the 19th, It is also a good option to give away experiences.

However, the most original idea may be to find a website to buy products of all kinds personalized with photos, engraving of names, special dates or beautiful phrases.

The Original Gift website It has a section of personalized products for special occasions and people. From mugs with photos and phrases, pictures and canvas, cushions, suitcases, shirts, aprons or, even chocolate bars and board games.

All these products They can be purchased with the design to be chosen by the client. Just select the item, give the option to personalize and choose from the computer the design with the photos or phrases you want.

From the Personal Gifts website, in addition to being able to personalize many items in the same way, there are also numerous items created for especially for Father’s Day, such as mugs, t-shirts, notebooks … “My hero is called Carlos, but I call him Dad”, is one of the designs.

Filtering by father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, children, man, woman … can be found on the Calle del Regalo website numerous original articles for this Father’s Day and other special occasions. They offer, for example, a kit with items depending on the person’s decade of birth. For the wine lovers, for example, the ‘Best Dad’ kit includes a bottle of wine, two glasses and a wooden box.

“Tell us who the gift is for and we will help you find the most original one”they assure from the Giver website. Here you can also find many gift ideas this March 19, with articles engraved with phrases.

Another option is offered Devising Gifts, a gift seeker. To find the perfect gift, it is only necessary to choose, first of all, the options “he, she or indifferent”. Then, you will have to choose between ‘baby, child, adult or old man’. Finally, between ‘family, love or friendship’. So, A selection of items with gift ideas will appear and, in addition, you can also filter by price.


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