Currently there are bigger problems than in motorsport

Currently there are bigger problems than in motorsport

Andrea Adamo is also currently working from home

In the World Rally Championship (WRC), all the wheels are currently standing still due to the corona virus pandemic. After various cancellations, the season will not continue in Kenya until mid-July at the earliest. However, the teams continue to work, albeit under different conditions.

For example, Hyundai, based in the Bavarian town of Alzenau, had to set up a home office structure at lightning speed. “From time to time we hold meetings, have access to the server and try and try to keep each other up to date,” reports team principal Andrea Adamo. “This is far from ideal, but it is by no means the biggest problem the world has now.”

The team had already taken appropriate measures before extensive exit restrictions were imposed in Bavaria on Friday last week. “We have 250 people from 27 different countries. We wanted to give them the chance to come home before the situation gets worse,” said Adamo.

Connect with crews via WhatsApp

Instead of personal conversations, the modern means of communication are now used for exchange. Adamo is connected to the drivers and passengers primarily via WhatsApp. “If anything, I’m in contact with them more now. We’re all part of Hyundai Motorsport, so I want to keep them up to date.”

At the same time, the team leader admits that the workload has currently decreased. “It would be a lie if I said that I worked full time,” said Adamo. The Italian uses the time gained in his German adopted home for physical activity.

“Fortunately, I live in a small village in the hills above Aschaffenburg. There is a forest in front of my door where I can go for a walk, and I can ride a bike on the exercise bike in the living room,” said Adamo. “I try to stay in shape and healthy.”

Why the Rally Mexico ended prematurely

Adamo defends the decision to end the Mexico Rally two weeks after Saturday. Out of responsibility towards the employees, this was the right option. “There was a meeting where it was decided to end the rally early and bring people back to Europe, where most are based,” he says.

“There are also smaller teams with fewer resources that have had to deal with the situation. We also had a global responsibility to help them there,” emphasizes Adamo. “Sometimes it’s important to be less selfish and look at a bigger picture.”