cybersecurity sector mobilizes for businesses

cybersecurity sector mobilizes for businesses


Hexatrust, the group of French cybersecurity companies, offers a selection of services to companies in difficulty in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.”Don’t let this land pandemic generate a digital pandemic, and organizations destabilized by cyberattacks!” The Operators of Essential Services, health establishments or all businesses today are completely digital and it is essential to support them in the days and weeks to come to ensure their resilience. We are committed to their side. It is our responsibility to ensure the security and availability of access and data for organizations that put in place a business continuity plan. ” Explain Jean-Noel De Galzain, President of Hexatrust.

Multiple members of the group of French cybersecurity companies will therefore offer free access to their service during the confinement period (some suggest a free period of 3 months). Wallix and Atempo had already communicated individually on their commitment last week.

Telework under high surveillance

Access security with Brainwave GRC intrusion detection with Gatewatcher via email security with Vade Secure, around twenty offers are available.

Since the start of the pandemic, attacks on information systems have intensified. Last week, Cesin (association of RSSI) launched an alarm signal about the situation.

“We were able to observe the first malware that infects sites and apps concerning the coronavirus. For example, malware. And many others. Said Mylene Jarrossay, its president.

And to quote priority projects for the agenda of cybersecurity managers, in particular that of strengthening thethe resistance of VPN connections and MFA solutions as well as the management of a fleet of workstations “massively out” of the company.



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