CZFB, HP, Leitat and SEAT offer 3D technology for projects against coronavirus

CZFB, HP, Leitat and SEAT offer 3D technology for projects against coronavirus

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The Free Zone Consortium (CZFB), HP, Leitat and SEAT have offered authorities and health centers their 3D printing technology so that those initiatives that need it can use it in projects against the coronavirus.

In a statement, the companies have announced that they provide the help of their professionals and technological knowledge to respond to the needs that may arise related to the fight against the spread of COVID-19 through additive manufacturing technologies.

Specifically, the Consortium will facilitate the coordination of its resources to any particular project that is carried out and wants to scale to an industrial level, for which it has contacted the Spanish and European authorities, to whom it has transmitted a list of its equipment, resources and materials.

The agency also offers its capabilities to companies and entrepreneurs so that they can send their ideas and 3D printing projects related to the containment of the massive contagion of coronavirus.

This initiative has also been extended to the European Union, the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, and the Generalitat of Catalonia. CZFB managers have contacted the European authorities to transmit the list of equipment, resources and materials available to them to cover any need related to 3D printing: from technical personnel, designers, operators and production managers; to the latest technology equipment that includes software tools, printing equipment and post-processing of printed parts.

In addition, the Barcelona Free Trade Zone Consortium offers its capabilities to companies and entrepreneurs so that they can get their ideas and 3D printing projects to them, which can help curb the massive spread of the coronavirus and protect the health of all citizens and in special of health professionals.

A specific email, [email protected], is enabled to send you all your proposals and designs.

UNE provides free access to its rules for the manufacture of material against Covid-19

The Spanish Association for Standardization, UNE, will offer for free about twenty technical standards, which indicate processes for the manufacture of protective equipment for the use of toilets such as clothing, masks or gloves, aimed at dealing with the health emergency caused by Covid-19 coronavirus. The companies that manufacture these materials will have free and online access to the standards that they must comply with in order to manufacture basic sanitary products such as respiratory protection filter masks, protective clothing against biological agents, surgical cloths and sheets, chemical protection gloves and dangerous microorganisms, medical gloves or protective clothing against liquid chemicals. Technical standards are documents that reflect the consensus of experts on best practices in a specific matter, offering organizations “security and speed” in key processes for them. Read


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