Delivery time for Prime customers for some products increases to one month

Delivery time for Prime customers for some products increases to one month

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Due to high demand in times of the corona crisis, Amazon members also have longer delivery times for Prime members. For non-prioritized products, this can take up to a month.

In some regions, Prime customers normally receive products that Amazon has in stock within a few hours or at least after a few days. Given the massive increase in demand for products available for purchase online Amazon prioritized last week made particularly important and particularly popular items. Conversely, this obviously means a significantly longer delivery time for products from non-prioritized product groups – including Prime members.

Amazon indicates longer delivery times

“In your region, delivery times are temporarily longer,” Amazon says on the product pages. However, while a delivery time of one to two days is still specified for diapers, for books – according to our quick check – it can take an average of one week. Other products for very specific customer groups – in our case guitar strings – a prime delivery is planned until April 20. This is despite the fact that it is an article with the “Amazon’s Choice” seal and is also in stock. In the Amazon segment “Musical Instruments & DJ Equipment”, guitar strings are also currently the most in demand.

Amazon doesn’t treat guitar strings as a priority in Corona times. (Screenshot: t3n / Amazon)

But to make this clear: the delivery time of around one month is likely to be the exception rather than the rule, even for products that Amazon does not currently prioritize. For most of the products that we took a closer look at in terms of delivery time during our quick check on the Amazon site, a delivery time of one to two days was still specified. For books, on the other hand – including bestsellers – it currently takes a week for the delivery to arrive at the customer.

Prioritization ensures longer delivery times

Across from Recode Amazon explained the longer delivery times, which were excitedly discussed in some US forums and on social media at the weekend, with the aforementioned change in processes and the prioritization of some articles. This has resulted in the delivery promises now being longer than usual.

The product groups currently prioritized by Amazon at a glance:

• Baby products

• Drugstore & household

• Drugstore & Personal Care (including electronic personal care devices)

• Food

• Industry & science

• Pet supplies

The prioritization means that Amazon – initially limited to April 5 – primarily accepts goods deliveries for products that are in particularly high demand. These do not have to come from the product groups mentioned above. Amazon specifically mentioned in its Explanation for dealers Household and medical supplies, some of which are currently sold out. Amazon therefore needs resources to replenish the items that are in particularly high demand. For other articles, the shipment creation was temporarily deactivated, said Amazon.

In Italy and France, Amazon only supplies essential items

Amazon currently even delivers in Italy and France only order essential products. The e-commerce giant explains this by protecting its employees from being infected with the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus. Previously had employees in some Amazon logistics centers on strike for lack of protection. But: Amazon is currently at the Search for 100,000 new employees for its warehouses to cope with the increased demand.

What T3n colleague Jochen G. Fuchs a.k.a der E-Fuchs has to say about product prioritization for Amazon retailers described in this article. Also interesting: Online supermarkets at a glance – who can still deliver promptly

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