Democracy and the epidemic: Go and vote!

Democracy and the epidemic: Go and vote!

Viruses and abstentions

EDITORIAL – If it is difficult to fight against the Covid-19, we can nevertheless act by going to vote so as not to make democracy even more sick by our absenteeism

This is the dilemma that arises in France which has only the word democracy in its mouth (participative, bottom-up, inclusive, even horizontal!): we vote little. Today we are also afraid. Going to vote would be more dangerous than taking the metro and queuing at the supermarket! 18% of French people shrink from the fear of contagion of the urn … funeral! In the Paris region, jackpot: it goes up to 36% (IFOP). Yet the real danger is in the ballot.

We can blame future infected people for being sick with fear in advance, but who would resist the constant inflation of the threat? We’re still going to blame the media, but still: alarmist escalation, sweepstake on new cases (for transparency), threatening prophets, terrifying images. An unbelievable member explains that she will bring her own pen to sign, because the virus is lurking in Bic. Fortunately humor saves us, the last bulwark of common sense.

The real question that arises in this circumstance is the effectiveness of democracy in the face of totalitarianism of containment. China will have put incredible resources since the construction of hospitals in 4 days, the police from imprisonment in quarantine to the transport of labor from the other end of the country (100,000 people at least) so that the economy picks up. How far are we ready to obey in a democracy? Italian responses we seem exaggerated although we sometimes seem in a hurry to imitate them. As for Europe, absent as usual!

Vote for the candidates who said the word “business”

While it is difficult to fight the Covid-19, we can nevertheless act to not make democracy even worse by increasing absenteeism. Vote for your business! That is to say for all employees, consumers, suppliers, and in particular in Paris and the region, the economic lung of France. Our panic and hysteria will cause more harm in the medium term to businesses than to those who are infected. Let’s vote for the candidates who used the word “business” in their program not to denigrate it and accuse it of all ills, but for their “make the city easier”. Who will take care of the mayor of Paris to accelerate the recovery of laminated companies? The great forgotten of the countryside.

In the programs there is a choice between greenery, children’s walks in the forests, a “cooperative” (Soviet vestige?) For the self-employed and those on digital platforms to facilitate access to complementary health and housing. . Rachida Dati is the only candidate who wrote a special note for companies (on the site Security, employee mobility, taxation (audit of all of the city’s finances and reshaping all public markets. Agnes Buzyn promises not to raise taxes, and not to inflate the debt with a terrified good student app Cedric Villani has an investment plan (only) of 8.54 billion euros. He told us that he wants to improve the link between town hall and businesses. we promise 1.3 billion euros of annual order from the town hall towards green and social solutions for businesses, announces David Belliard.

Anyway, stop the dictatorship of emotion and viral anxiety: at the polls, citizens !


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