Disinfectant instead of Louis Vuitton perfumes

Disinfectant instead of Louis Vuitton perfumes

These companies are responding to the epidemic and converting their production.

Disinfectants, protective suits and masks: Products that are currently scarce but urgently needed. More and more companies are helping out in this emergency by changing their production. This not only has the advantage that it can be used to produce hygiene products more quickly, but also that employees can continue to work.

We have 4 companies here for you that are now producing “slightly different” things in response to the epidemic:

Louis Vuitton: disinfectant instead of perfume

Yes, you read that right: the luxury goods company LVMH prepares its perfume and cosmetics area for the production of disinfectants. The hygiene product will then be made available to France’s health system free of charge. With this changeover, LMVH wants to ensure that there is never a lack of disinfectants and that French citizens can protect themselves from the virus.

VW supplier: manufacture of droplet protection discs

VW placed the orders with one Subcontractor from Braunschweig. Since this wanted to continue to provide the employees with work, droplet protection disks are now being manufactured. Some have already been installed in pharmacies to protect employees.

Mountain sports company Salewa provides protective masks forth

Salewa now produces protective masks and protective suits that are made of the waterproof material “Goretex”. The first products are already being delivered.

Pernod Ricard is pure alcohol to disposal

That donates a whole 70,000 liters of pure alcohol Companies to “Laboratoire Cooper”. A total of 1.8 million vials with 50 ml of disinfectant can also be produced.

Civil courage instead of profit

By the way: Many companies do not earn anything from the change in production. Nevertheless, they help the health care system. However, who ultimately benefits are the people who can be better helped by the hygiene products. Chapeau!

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Image source: Unsplash; CCO license


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