Donald Trump announces victory in party primaries

Donald Trump announces victory in party primaries

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President Donald Trump has declared himself the winner of the primary elections for his party, the Republicans, which were held in six states on Tuesday. He thanked the voters of Idaho, Washington, North Dakota, Michigan, Missouri and Mississippi for their support on Twitter.

Unlike the Democrats, the Republicans only hold primaries for form as the incumbent American President, Donald Trump, evolves without serious rival. It is therefore he who will take his camp during the presidential election of November 3. Republicans’ primary polls have even been canceled in several states. In those who organized it, Donald Trump emerged winner with more than 90% of the votes.

Among the Democrats, two candidates seem to have to fight over the responsibility of facing Donald Trump in November: former vice-president Joe Biden and Vermont senator Bernie Sanders. Joe Biden strengthened his favorite status after Tuesday’s primaries. The Democratic candidate will be officially known in July.


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