Dora, the daughter of Bimba Bose, dazzled in ‘OT 2020’ with 15 years

Dora, the daughter of Bimba Bosé, dazzled in 'OT 2020' with 15 years

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Dora has chosen the 8th Operation Triumph gala to sing for the first time this bolero entitled “Snake Eyes”.

Dora has chosen gala 8 of Triumph operation to sing for the first time this bolero entitled “Snake eyes”. This is a song composed by herself, and whose video is directed by Paco Leon.

The space followers soon commented on their performance, highlighting their sensitivity and being amazed by the immense talent of this young artist, who is only 15 years old. The theme dazzled the audience at home and also on the set, which lived one of those unique moments in the contest, not only because of its sweet voice and security, but because of the special atmosphere it created on stage.

Bimba Bose’s daughter

We have known Dora Salvatore since she was a child. Daughter of Bimba Bose, from a very young age she showed her sensitivity towards art and music. At age 11 he began sharing on his YouTube channel covers in which he showed small pills of his enormous talent. He subsequently published his first singles, three specifically: “Call me back”, “Home” and “Saving Star”. Now at age 15 he is already preparing his first album, with the mystery of whether he will follow the most American sound of his first singles or a more Latin bet like “Snake Eyes”.

A little over a year ago I was with insomnia in my room. I was just spinning a tune that I had in my head, then I put myself on the piano and started writing a bit to reflect my thoughts“, the post he shared on networks began.”As I wrote things came faster, words flowed and I had no doubts with any chord, I heard everything very clearly in my head“, he explained about this song.

I am completely in love with that girl and, also, with everything she has, how her life continues and the talent of all that family saga behind her. The relay is taken by her and you’ll see what that girl is going to be, well what she already is, but what she will be“Paco Leon said about her.

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