Dortmund’s notes

Dortmund's notes

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A Burki as decisive as Daphne, a too gentle Zagadou, a right side in open house operation, a Can that is unpinning, soloists in search of inspiration and a Håland down to earth: carried by its audience and the yellow wall at go, Borussia Dortmund quickly got hot in Park fever. And never really got into the game.

Marcos Llorente (10): In check at Real Madrid, second knife at Atletico, still replacing this Wednesday evening … Many would have doubted, not Marcos Llorente, who planted a decisive double. How do you say “hero” in Spanish?

Alvaro Morata (7.5): When he started, Atletico fans would have preferred him to be a replacement. When he is a replacement and he enters the game, Liverpool fans would have preferred that he never see the day. Alvaro prorata.

Georginio Wijnaldum (7.5): With “Gini”, Anfield becomes a palace, its lawn an orchard, its spans a patio. Gini, ideas of genius. Replaced by Divock Origi (106e). A double against Barca was too much to ask him.

Roberto Firmino (6.5): In his characteristic style, Bobby la pointe first left the fluffy cushions at Salah and Mane. Before pulling the blanket, since neither the Senegalese nor the Egyptian were determined to do so. Even if that will not prevent him from going back to his bed in slippers. Replaced by Takumi Minamino (113e), in vain.

Angel Correa (6): A thorn in the foot. A cat in the throat. Worse, a poison. What a virus. Angel Corona. Replaced by Jose Maria Gimenez (106e), pending the pandemic.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (6.5): Neville Chamberlain, a British statesman, was Prime Minister between 1937 and 1940, but he is best known for his appeasement foreign policy that preceded World War II, which has earned him some criticism. His successor Alex, on the other hand, is more like Donald Trump, rushing without thinking, making and breaking alliances at the click of a finger. Obviously, it works much better. Who would want to take on such an unpredictable leader? Tremble, Boris Johnson.

Jan Oblak (Anfield Wall): A wall, Jan Oblak? Yes, but a wall that gives sacred emotions. O joy, oh happiness, Oblak!

Sadio Mane (6.5): He tries returnees, he comes back to defend like a vigilante, he delights his partners in offerings … The soul, the emanation of the spiritual power of this Liverpool, is him. Even in defeat. Sadio Mana.

Felipe (6): Over the entire two games, he largely supported the comparison with Virgil van Dijk. Which means a lot. He started drooling, he ends up salivating with pleasure. Felippe.

Saul (6): In the Bible, he is the first king of the Israelites in the Land of Israel. In Anfield, he is the first king of the Spaniards on Earth Scouser.

Thomas Partey (6): On your marks, ready, Partey! In the 3000 m steeplechase final, the Ghanaian runner started as a 25 km walk competitor and finished as a sprinter. The podium is in sight.

Andrew Robertson (6): By dint of seeing him run like a madman, one always has the impression that he has just committed a theft. Thief ! Andy Robber-tson.

Trent Alexander-Arnold (6): It wreaks such havoc that it flees like the plague. And his fury is far from fleeting. Fortunately, the treaties of Westphalia have been there. The Thirty Years War.

Virgil van Dijk (Poultice): Very useful, this rock with a thousand and one virtues. Ideal for relieving minor scratches. On the other hand, when it comes to large wounds and more vicious infections, there is no one left. Van Dijk clay.

Adrian (1): But what took him? Did he want to relaunch properly on the reduction of the Atletico score? Or is it simply meat like ham? Maybe he thought he was someone else. A scam, which should soon end up in court. Jean-Yves l’Adrian.

Mohamed Salah (3): An ease, a technique, dazzling, certainly, but what a waste in the last gesture! Mohamed Sali.

Joe Gomez (2): Get caught up in speed by Alvaro Morata, instructions for use. There is only one Gomez on the football planet, and his name is Alejandro “Papu”.

Keylor Navas (5): Good news for Penelope: she is not the only one to have a fictional job.

Juan Bernat (7): Speaks little, but wins all his duels on the left. Anne Hidalgo.

Presnel Kimpembe (8): A dictator in its surface. Kim Jong-Il, hair less.

Marquinhos (7.5): Stop putting it in the middle, the gus is so strong in defense that even Harvey Weinstein would have escaped with a suspended sentence.

Thilo Kehrer (7): There was Top chef on M6, and yet it’s on beIN that Helene Darroze fell in love with the last chance test. Like what tonight, Germany has not lost everything.

Leandro Paredes (6.5): He started with a tampon on Can, before entering a masterclass in good standing. Simply menstrual.

Idrissa Gueye (6.5): A life to scoot and make side passes. Like what, you can be at the epicenter of something without causing much harm.

Angel Di Maria (5): His greatest feat: taking a yellow while he was on the bench and making him miss the quarter-final first leg. Replaced by Kurzawa, which unfortunately will be available.

Neymar (6.5): When an accused dances in the halls, applauds the empty stands, and marks by imitating the celebration of Håland, normally, it is perpetual. But the guy has the insolence of Balkany in the middle of a trial and grabs an acquittal. A master of the bar. Like Benjamin Griveaux.

Edinson Cavani (5.5): It has put itself at the level of the atmosphere of the Parc des Princes: a firecracker and that’s it.

Pablo Sarabia (6): The last time the capital had seen such a low left wing was that of Rio-Paris. Like what, sometimes, it’s good. Replaced by Mbappe, because it was still funny to unbalance the whole team. Just to see.

Roman Burki (4): With our offensive force, we have our chances. Throwing the blame on the attackers: the classic goalkeeper stroke that was not decisive enough. In all this, someone finally found out whether or not he was related to Daphne?

Łukasz Piszczek (3): The right lateral continued at the Park his interim in the axis. The problem is that errors are seen much more in this post. If Cavani, as a good gentleman, did not convert a Polish caviar, this goujat from Bernat did not hesitate to take advantage of his quite relative sense of rigor.

Mats Hummels (4): According to his calculations, Dortmund could lose 7-6 and qualify. At 2-0, however, the calculations are not good, old man. Failure and Mats.

Dan-Axel Zagadou (Sweet sweet): For months that the French public has been wondering why PSG did not put the package to extend it in 2017. The answer was found this evening in the opposite area: Presnel Kimpembe, whose man with the first name of figure skating figure is assumed to be version 2.0. There is still work.

Achraf Hakimi (3): Herve Renard confided this week not to know too much where his limit was. The answer came this evening at 28e minute, who saw him drop the marking of the Ney: on the defensive corners.

Emre Can (08/31): In a parallel dimension, the German would have signed in Paris on August 31, and would have eaten yellow all evening today. Well, then, if it was to be suspended on the next round … The famous “Can du cygne”.

Axel Witsel (seum / 10): Always the same vice, always the same ease. But still the same cut, and always this dirty habit of being hit by the French. And always this same threshold when leaving the lawn, replaced by Reyna. Axellent, this running gag.

Raphael Guerreiro (As usual): Apart from the jersey color, not much has changed for the former Lorient, who left the Park in high spirits.

Jadon Sancho (LOST): A soft free kick, a safe shot for Navas, and that’s it. Jadon without show.

Thorgan Hazard (3): No matter how hard he tried to follow in the footsteps of Neymar, the best of the Hazard brothers this season did not manage to make the Parisian defenders dance the jerk. Well, he will have plenty of time to work on choreography in April.

Erling Håland (All smiles upon his arrival on the Park lawn, the Norwegian took a yellow and lost his smile. And if behind the boil of golden boy was there a guy who had bad alcohol?


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