Dovizioso thought Marquez would change brands

Dovizioso thought Marquez would change brands

Andrea Dovizioso thought Marc Marquez would leave Honda

It has become common in MotoGP that most contracts are concluded over two years. At the moment, it is about the years 2021/22. Honda and Marc Marquez have been working together for a long time. The world champion signed a new contract by the end of 2024, i.e. a new four-year contract.

“That surprised me very much. I didn’t expect that,” said Andrea Dovizioso at ‘Sky Sport Italia about the new Marquez contract. “I had completely different thoughts that he would do something different. But when it comes to important decisions, things happen behind the scenes that we don’t know.”

“I thought he was going to change the motorcycle,” Dovizioso said of a Marquez brand change. “But he must have had his reasons. If a driver wins so much, then he can decide what he wants.” Because Marquez has a lot of influence at Honda and can express many special requests.

Dovizioso believes in his chance at the World Cup

Dovizioso was runner-up three times in a row behind Marquez. After the winter tests, did he have any chances of being able to beat the Spaniard this time and become world champion? “The chance of winning the title must be there because if you start the season and don’t believe in it, it will be complicated.”

“It’s difficult to win the World Cup. Last year, Marquez didn’t give anyone a chance. We kept up with Barcelona, ​​but then there was the big crash,” Dovizioso recalls the fall of several top drivers. “In the end, however, we weren’t fast enough to win.”

“Everything is possible in our sport, that’s a nice aspect. There are six or seven riders who can win the title. I would add the two Yamaha riders right from the start. Many can fight for the podium. This is the level it’s about how to finish the races. We know our strengths and weaknesses. ”

Because constant top results are immensely important to still have a title chance at the end of the year. “Often people forget how big the gaps used to be. Today it is difficult to make progress. We have innovative ideas compared to our opponents. Still others are better in other aspects, but that is normal. We have been working for years and always make us a little better. It’s not easy. ”


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