Ericsson buys the Catalan technology Genaker

Ericsson buys the Catalan technology Genaker

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The Genaker management team with Miquel Teixidor, its CEO, at the center

The technological multinational Ericsson has announced this Thursday the purchase of Genaker, a leading Catalan company in developing the new technology of mobile walkie-talkies, which use the mobile network for high security communications carried out by police, firefighters, emergency services and large companies in crisis situations. Miquel Teixidor, co-founder and CEO of Genaker explained in a statement that, with the sale, Genaker technology will become the basis of Ericsson’s global technology offering, which will integrate the 30 technology workers.

Origins The company was born from the professionals of the Nokia R&D center in Catalonia

Genaker is the brand of Esi Mobile Solutions S L, a company founded by Jordi Guerrero, David Viamonte, Samuel Prevot and Miquel Teixidor in 2005, after the closure of the Nokia R&D center in Catalonia where they worked. The firm began to develop this technology Push-to-talk (PTT) in 2010, with Ericsson itself as a technology partner. New technology replaces Tetra (Terrestral Trunked Radio): Walkie talkie-type systems that use a specific network and custom devices.

Genaker technology is a pioneer in the world in developing a system with these capabilities, which companies and administrations value highly because it reduces costs: when operating with conventional mobile technology, it does not require expenses in network deployment, nor in maintenance or the purchase of expensive terminals. The firm had been recognized by the European Commission in 2015, achieving the highest score in the H2020 aid program for SMEs out of 1,944 European technology companies. The company had invested more than 7 million euros in developing its system, and also received aid from the Ministry of Industry.


Genaker technology is a world pioneer in critical communications

The Swedish company explained this Thursday in a statement that the purchase of Genaker “supposes to add a cornerstone in Ericsson’s objective of reinforcing its offer” in high-security communications “at a time when the market for critical communications and Private networks are undergoing significant technological change. ” To this is added “the increase in demand and the need to exchange other types of data, such as images and videos”, which in his opinion “makes it necessary to replace the legacy MRL networks, with mobile networks being those that have been shown to comply, both existing and emerging requirements ”.

Ericsson executives noted that they “have worked” with Genaker as a partner in critical communications applications for many years and we are now taking this step to further strengthen our end-to-end offering “and to” bring the value of their expertise to our customers”. The companies did not provide the amount of the transaction

Genaker planned to close 2019 with a turnover of 3 million euros. It has clients in more than 30 countries, which it reaches with agreements with operators (such as Vodafone, Movistar and Orange), terminal manufacturers (such as Bittium and Andromeda) and technology companies like Siemens, NEC, Nokia and Ericsson itself.



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