Escriva figures in 950 euros the minimum aid that the self-employed will receive for cessation of activity

Escrivá figures in 950 euros the minimum aid that the self-employed will receive for cessation of activity


The Minister of Social Security, Jose Luis Escriva, today wanted to step out of the complaints raised by the group of self-employed workers to indicate that the minimum aid established by the Government plan for the cessation of activity will be 950 euros. The breakdown of this aid consists of a minimum income of 661 euros corresponding to the contribution for the minimum base and, the rest, to the suspension of the self-employed quota.

Escriva has assured that the self-employed workers, more than three million, have been subjected in recent days to a campaign of “disinformation” about the protection they receive in the economic shock plan prepared by the Government, “implying that this help is inferior to what it really is”.

Since the plan was launched, the main association representing this group, the National Federation of Autonomous Workers (ATA), has demanded an improvement in the measures proposed, as it considers them insufficient. Among them, for example, the suspension of payment of quotas for the month of March, something that has not happened.

The aids established by the plan for the self-employed who enter the plan’s assumptions are already available, Escriva recalled, adding that there are more than 50,000 people from this group who have requested it. “It is one of the most extensive, comprehensive and generous benefits that is being given in all the countries around us,” he assured.

Despite the fact that Social Security monitors the ups and downs on a daily basis, the head of the agency has offered some figures on the labor impact that the coronavirus crisis is having but has refused to give a complete picture until having, at the beginning of next April, the data for the month of March already closed. It has confirmed that more than 130,000 people have applied for temporary disability leave as a result of the coronavirus. “It would be premature,” he justified.

Escriva has announced that the body is studying the implementation of a universal basic income, a measure that has been in circulation for years and now seems definitely on the table. However, it has not wanted to offer any details or deadline that this announcement compromises and announced that it will announce it when the details are “assessed”.

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