Estelle Lefebure, confined, transforms her living room into a dancefloor

Estelle Lefébure, confined, transforms her living room into a dancefloor

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Estelle Lefebure, confined, transforms her living room into a dancefloor

Estelle Lefebure does not intend to let the coronavirus epidemic take away her zest for life. This Monday, March 23, the model was filmed on Instagram dancing in her living room, after finding a compilation that a DJ had made for her in 2002.

Estelle Lefebure found enough to occupy the long days of confinement. When she’s not helping her son with homework, the model unearths treasures from the past, according to her Instagram account. This Monday March 23, Ilonas mom, Emma and Giuliano even came back on a festive memory: a compilation concocted in 2002 by Jack.E, the DJ of the tropezian box Les Caves du Roy. Neither one nor two, David Hallyday’s ex embarked on dance steps, transforming his living room into a real dancefloor!

A good mood that we can only salute in this difficult period. Confined with his little Giuliano, Estelle Lefebure can also count on the love of the latter to keep smiling. On March 13, the model published a drawing of his son, with this adorable inscription: “You don’t need to worry (sic) because I’m here.” A photo that gave the opportunity to his mom to thank the health professionals, mobilized on a daily basis. “We need solidarity, kindness and vigilance. Huge thoughts and courage for all doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, women and men in the medical profession”, she wrote in the caption of the drawing.

For them and for his children, Estelle Lefebure is also vigilant. So rather than going out, this one who loves so much to enjoy life improvised an evening at home to the rhythm of techno and hits by Kylie Minogue. And when she doesn’t dance in her living room, it’s in front of its stoves let her show her talents. “It’s weird, I keep cooking. Too bad, there is no one to come and eat”, she wrote in an Instagram story on March 19. Its many fans would at least have had the pleasure of being able to taste its dishes with their eyes.


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