Everything out! The WhatsApp era is coming to an end

Everything out! The WhatsApp era is coming to an end

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WhatsApp is planning a blatant change …

Facebook bought WhatsApp and Instagram years ago. The US company is now planning to innovate the two apps. We have all the information …We hardly use an app as much as Whatsapp. Every innovation is carefully examined. Whether better tools, new smileys or a changed design – the influence that these software updates have on us is sometimes really drastic. The latest change is now really profound. It’s about the name of the app.

WhatsApp and Instagram get a new name

Many are not even aware that Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook belong together. Yes; Mark Zuckerberg is a very powerful and probably rich man. Now the company wants one Change of name make it clear that the three apps belong to one company. The experts suspect an image push for Facebook. The brand has stood at the latest since it became known that Facebook had its users’ voice messages tap and typed in criticism. In contrast, a name change from WhatsApp and Instagram is now supposed to work. The addition “from Facebook” then creates a connection in the minds of the users, which should have a positive effect on the entire brand. In the AppStore we will find the apps under the name in the future “WhatsApp from Facebook” and “Instagram from Facebook”.

Image maintenance on Facebook

According to Facebook, the action is aimed at To create clarity. It says in a statement: “We want to create more clarity about the products and services that are part of Facebook.” Instagram has been part of the US group around Mark Zuckerberg since 2012 and WhatsApp since 2014.

The experts, however, suspect that Mark Zuckerberg wants to use positive image Whatsapps and Instagramsto push the core company. While young users regularly use the messenger service and the photo platform, they tend to distance themselves from Facebook. In economic terms, too, they endure more than Facebook itself. Much of Facebook’s economic success can be attributed to WhatsApp and Instagram.


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