Fabrice Luchini has everything planned to protect himself!

Fabrice Luchini has everything planned to protect himself!

Guest of the show “C a Vous” on Friday March 6, actor Fabrice Luchini arrived with a well loaded bag … to fight against the coronavirus! No Stop People tells you more.

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Coronavirus: Fabrice Luchini has everything planned to protect himself!

The coronavirus epidemic continues to make headlines. The number of cases is increasing and action is being taken even if the consequences are sometimes heavy. Thus, the demonstrations of more than 5000 people are canceled, it is advisable not to shake hands and not to kiss each other and, of course, to often wash your hands. Precautionary measures taken very seriously by … Fabrice Luchini! The actor was Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine’s guest in “C a Vous” Friday March 6. When he comes to present his show, “Writers talk about money”, he arrived with a bag on his back which intrigues the host. He says going into rehearsals after the show and having brought his books in his bag but not that …

“To receive it by being great”

“I also have my products, don’t worry!” explains Fabrice Luchini. He joins the gesture to the speech by taking out no less than three tubes of hydroalcoholic gel and a thermometer, a rather complete panoply to fight against the coronavirus. “A hell of a stock!” reacts the presenter. Products “bought a long time ago” according to the actor. If it is recommended to take his temperature too, Fabrice Luchini reveals that he has taken it twice already during the day. Is the actor phobic? He has the answer. “Anxiety is a thing in human nature (…) I am anxious, I am phobic … I would like to work fatality”. He explains, “If I have to receive this virus, I will try to receive it by being tall, by being humble, by certainly being freaked out”. As Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine points out, “You get coronavirus, others get it, it’s all the difference!”