Favre convinces with athletic talents: “I can do everything”

Favre convinces with athletic talents:

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Lucien Favre has many athletic talents

Trainer Lucien Favre from Borussia Dortmund sees himself as a sporty all-rounder – but football still has a firm grip on him.

“I also played ice hockey when the rivers were frozen. I went down the mountains on skis. I can do everything,” said the Swiss in an interview with the newspapers Spark group: “But football is and remains my number one.”

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However, it was not love at first sight. “When I was little I was shy, I didn’t want to play football like my brother,” said Favre: “But I started at eight or nine years old, because in our village there was only football, that was the main thing. And afterwards and I was crazy about it. “

Favre does gymnastics

That has not changed until today: “If I see a ball, I have to play with it,” said the former international.

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Things are calmer when the 62-year-old has to switch off. To reduce stress, he “does gymnastics regularly”, he reveals: “And if possible, I ride a bike. But I haven’t done that for months.”

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