“Finally see the effects of the measures”: Northern Italy carefully creates hope


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A medical worker crosses the street in Bergamo.

In Italy there are fewer new infections for the fourth day in a row. Experts argue why so many people in the country still die from the virus.

Fewer contagions for the fourth day in a row: What used to be hope has now become a trend: It is “interesting that more corona smears have been made in Lombardy in recent days and fewer positive cases have been found at the same time were, ”says Andrea Pugliese. The mathematics professor at the University of Trento has spent a lifetime researching the mathematics of epidemics and is developing models for analyzing their spread.

With all caution, the “impression is that we are finally seeing the effects of the measures that have been undertaken since March 5,” Pugliese told Corriere della Sera. The sheet is also about why Corona is so deadly in Italy. Even the top scientists do not have the one and really certain answer, all four or five explanations are hypotheses for the time being.

Does only one percent of those infected die?

The earlier counting method – coronary victims are those who have the virus, not just those who killed it – and the age of the population. 23 percent of Italians are over 65 years old. In addition, there is probably the much higher, but unknown, epidemic, which makes the number of deaths appear relatively higher.

The mayor of Nembro, one of the worst affected communities in the province of Bergamo, and a health manager, both physicists, did this based on their village’s more tangible data and extrapolated it to Italy. According to this, four times as many people could be infected with the corona virus than the official figures show.

Background about the corona virus:

At the same time, Nembro, whose residents can all be suspected of being virus carriers, shows that she actually only kills one percent – a clear difference to the official rate: According to this, ten percent of the (known) Italian people die from Covid-19. In the rest of the world, it’s just over four percent.

Hope yes, but no reason to breathe a sigh of relief – that was also the line of the civil protection authority on Wednesday evening. One is currently experiencing “obviously a phase of stabilization,” said its Vice President Agostino Miozzo during the daily announcement of the figures. But that only means that the measures for containment should continue, “otherwise the curve will rise again. And there is a fear that it could become steeper in the south.

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The Mezzogiorno is currently relatively little affected. While Lombardy has so far suffered almost 4,500 deaths, there are 95 coronatotes in Lazio around Rome 95, in Campania, the Naples region 95, in Sicily 25, in Puglia, the heel of the boot, 48 and at the tip of the boot in Calabria.

“Don’t just look at the north!”

From Campania, where the – officially registered – infection rate climbed by almost nine percent to 1,072 between Tuesday and Wednesday, the Prime Minister wrote a brand letter to Rome: “Looking at the numbers in the north means completely hiding that not only the crisis does not end , but also that it could explode dramatically in the south, ”wrote Vincenzo De Luca, who is known for his tendency to use strong words. In addition, nothing had arrived of what Rome had promised in terms of ventilators, face masks or disposable gloves.

Meanwhile, Italy’s policy continues to try to contain the crisis with money and what is hopefully the right thing to do: On Wednesday, the Conte government corrected the list of companies that are still allowed to work despite shutdowns. Rome responded to strikes and strike announcements by workers who feared for their health.

Mechanical engineering for agriculture and the food industry has now been decommissioned, and electrical cables are no longer considered indispensable and may therefore no longer be manufactured. The production of the paper and chemical industry is restricted as well as the plastic production; Call centers are now only allowed for industries with basic needs. The government has also said it will add another € 25 billion to the billion dollar package against the corona crisis.

The Vatican State is also about to shutdown. On Wednesday, it emerged through the thick walls that a 58-year-old monsignor from the State Secretariat, the government of the Vatican, had to go to the hospital. Like the Pope himself, he lived in the Sankt Martha guest house, which is now being thoroughly disinfected.

The Pope does not wash feet

All papal audiences are discontinued, even St. Peter’s Square is closed and the Vatican newspaper “Osservatore romano” is no longer being printed for the first time, but can only be read online. Easter, the high point of the church year, will be this year like never before: The bishops of corona-affected countries all over the world received instructions from the Vatican that “the Holy Easter Mass should be celebrated without crowds and in suitable places”.

The priests will stand at the altar without concelebrating colleagues, and the faithful should donate the greeting of peace without contact. The traditional washing of the feet, which the Popes perform every Maundy Thursday, has been canceled.

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