Fishmongers also serve at home during quarantine

Fishmongers also serve at home during quarantine

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Until last week, every time a customer from O’Percebeiro He wanted to order seafood or fish online, he entered the web and chose as he pleased among his splendid offer. Today you can also place your order, but with telephone consulting, “so that we inform you well of what products we can or cannot serve”. Explains it Manuel Otero, director of this company, which under normal conditions distributes and markets more than 300 tons per year and that, in times of quarantine, it is trying to react to the closure of hotels, bars and restaurants by focusing on online sale.

Like O’Percebeiro, the rest of the companies that supply fish or shellfish they are trying to adapt to the new situation. A tremendously delicate situation, in which the fishermen’s guilds see how the fleet is paralyzing the activity by not finding profitability (prices are plummeting in the markets) and where whimsy products, from barnacles to red shrimp, they can’t find a buyer. In Vigo, for example, the shellfish sector they are considering the temporary closure of the estuary.

In this situation, online sales have exploded. “There has been a huge upturn,” confirms Manuel Otero. “With children without school and the whole family at home, a lot of requests are being made through the web. But it is convenient that they ask us by phone what to ask for every day, because many artisanal fishing boats do not go out to fish every day. Razor divers, shellfish … they are organizing to go out a couple of days a week. It is logical: there has been a sharp drop in price of acquisition because whoever pays the most, who bids the most, is the HORECA channel, which is stopped. ”

In Almeria the situation is similar, he explains. Jose Maria Gallart, manager of the Almeria Fisheries Producers Organization (Asopesca, CEPESCA associates) and the organization’s online store, Del Barco a la Mesa: “In these first days of confinement we have registered a 80% increase in orders from individuals, of which more or less half are new customers. The most popular fish are: hake, red mullet, monkfish, horse mackerel, broccoli, whitebait and also some seafood; the confinement does not prevent any tribute, although it has ended our sales to the restaurant channel. ”

Some tribute, but not many. If, until now, online orders from individuals were more for family celebrations – a good Galician seafood, for example-, now the daily consumption is prioritized. “Luxury seafood, such as barnacle or shrimp, has fallen a lot,” says Manuel Otero. “They ask us more for the shell: clam, razor clam, mussel … In general, more fish is thrown. The current profile of the client does not It is already the one that sticks to the whim or prepares a special lunch or dinner, now we are with the one who wants a fish to consume it daily. And it is what we support with our telephone advice “.

Seafood from A Coruna fishmongers.

They are also focusing on online sales at Pescaderias corunesas, a mythical name in Madrid since they opened their headquarters in 1917 (an opening that, incidentally, was attended by Alfonso XIII). “Our most important line of business is the restaurant business, which has now closed, which is why we are focusing our efforts on the online channel, where demand has increased considerably,” he explains. Jose Cerezuela, commercial director-. We continue to supply ourselves in the fish markets and our operation is the same: we serve from Tuesday to Saturday in Madrid, and from Wednesday to Saturday in the rest of the destinations: the peninsula and some areas of the Balearic Islands (Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza) “. And what We sell more, we asked him? “The truth is that we have not yet been able to stop to analyze what is being asked for the most, although we are seeing that, in addition to fish, artisan products are ordered, frozen …”.



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