Fits perfectly! The suit guide for men

Fits perfectly! The suit guide for men

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The suit guide for men

Men in suits are sexy, classy and exude confidence. You can usually not go wrong with a suit that fits well. It doesn’t matter whether you wear it in the office, at a wedding or on other occasions. But a suit is not just a suit, because if the fine thread doesn’t fit, it can have the opposite effect. In addition to good quality and workmanship, a good fit and a …

How to recognize a high quality suit

When you buy poor quality, you usually buy twice. This also applies to suits. Therefore, you should choose something high-quality right from the start. Often you don’t have to spend a lot of money to do this, for example if you are in one Men’s suit outlet Center looks around. Here you can even find luxury brands from the previous season. Since a good suit is timeless, it doesn’t have to bother you.

A good sign is the so-called tailor’s edge. This is a clearly visible seam on the outside of the lapel.

Good quality is usually bought when the buttons on the jacket’s sleeves can really be opened. Conversely, this does not mean that it is inferior if the buttons cannot be opened.

If a jacket has a pattern, it should continue to run evenly over the seams. Especially in the area of ​​the shoulder and the breast pocket, it can happen that inferior garments have been worked unevenly.

A lining on the inside protects the inside of the jacket. This can also be a sign of a high quality jacket. The fabric itself also plays an important role. The so-called Weber label stands for good quality.

Does my suit fit properly?

Regardless of the occasion, it is important that a suit fits properly. To find out, there are a few points to consider when trying on a jacket and trousers.

  • Shoulders: First of all, the jacket should be cut so that the shoulder width corresponds to your own shoulder area. If the seam is too tight when trying it on, you should choose a size larger. If the shoulder pads already touch the arms, the jacket should be chosen a little narrower.
  • The poor: If the arms hang and are slightly angled, then the sleeve should reach to the wrist. The approach of the shirt should then also be recognizable, but not protrude too far. Even if the sleeves do not yet have the right country, changes can be made relatively easily by a tailor.
  • The breast: The jacket should neither be too wide nor too tight. If you are not sure, you can easily test it by buttoning it up and sticking your fist under your jacket behind your back. If the fist has just enough space, it is perfect. By the way, the jacket has the ideal length if you hang your arms and can still reach the bottom hem without any problems.
  • The legs: The length and cut of the pants primarily depends on your own taste and style. Similar to the jacket, the rule here is that it should not be too tight, but also not too wide. It goes without saying that the jacket and pants match in terms of color and material.

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The right suit for every figure

In addition to your own style, there are other factors that influence the type of suit. This includes, for example, the body shape. Small men should wear slim-fit suits with a thin lapel. Either you leave out the tie or choose a slim one that stretches the body a bit.

Tall and thin men can confidently choose jackets that are slightly wider. Men with a little more on the ribs should prefer dark fabrics with subtle stripes. Body shape is one thing, but as a man you shouldn’t ignore current trends.

how do I find my size?

One should first distinguish whether it is a Regular size or a special size acts. In the normal variant, it is usually the case that half of your chest size corresponds to the actual size. If you measure a circumference of 100 centimeters, for example, the clothing size is 50.


Once you have found your suit, there are a few things you should keep in mind so that you can enjoy it as long as possible and that the outfit looks good in the end.

  • Blazers and trousers should not be cleaned too often, as this can wear out the fabric too quickly.
  • Belts and shoes should match in color, just like the socks. In addition, you should not wear brown shoes with a black suit.
  • In the jacket the bottom button never closed. The jacket is opened when you sit down. The exception is the double-breasted. The bottom button always remains open, but the rest is closed when sitting.


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