Five good news this Thursday in the war against the coronavirus

Five good news this Thursday in the war against the coronavirus


“We may be at the peak of the curve, or very close or going downhill.” The director of the Center for Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies considers that “transmission and risky contacts are being controlled.” This happens on a Thursday in which all the heads of state and government of the EU will meet by videoconference to decide the economic response to the crisis. Hours before, the United States has approved the 1.84 trillion euro stimulus plan against the pandemic and China has seen its new cases drastically decrease, which now allows it to resume economic activity. In turn, the World Health Organization (WHO) endorses Spain’s strategy by calling for “aggressive measures to find, isolate, test, and trace contacts.” The world as a whole agrees on the same recipe: it takes time to end the catastrophe, while demanding compliance with the rules. “Many people risk their health and their lives every day so that the rest of the population remains at home,” they recall.

Promising results of an anti-coagulant

Any advance in pharmaceutical laboratories is cause for hope. On this occasion, the focus of the sector is on the Hepalink Group, parent company of Techdow Spain, which has started clinical trials of the active ingredient enoxaparin, in very high doses. The bet is working quite well in the test tubes, where the preliminary clinical results seem promising. In order to improve things, Techdow’s Italian and Spanish subsidiaries are in contact with their corresponding national drug agencies to report on this therapeutic possibility and to undertake observational studies.

Pact of 15 countries for scientific coordination

The heads of science and research from 15 countries (Spain, USA, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, Portugal, Singapore and the United Kingdom) have agreed to exchange information on the Scientific projects that are being developed in the face of the pandemic. Through a conference call, all ministers have insisted on the importance of working in the same direction and that the free transfer of technology that accelerates the manufacture of certain products around the world can be facilitated. The private sector has reacted as expected to that proposal, with about 40 editorial groups already allowing public access to their information on the coronavirus.

Mapfre and Mutua finance the search for the vaccine

Scientific research requires money, a lot of money, and the country’s leading insurers have taken a new step forward. Thus, Mapfre will donate five million euros to the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) to accelerate the studies that promote the discovery of a treatment against coronavirus, as well as its transmission mechanisms to promote the discovery of a vaccine. The announcement of this measure and the aid plan for its clients allowed the entity to rebound on the stock exchange last Wednesday. For its part, Mutua Madrilena will also co-finance a study on Covid-19 that will be launched immediately at the Hospital Research Institute La Paz University, in Madrid. His research aims to establish a protocol to classify patients with COVID-19 at the time of admission, in order to predict their evolution and propose a treatment with inhibitors that block the entry of the virus into the cells.

The big ‘telecos’ launch a solidarity offensive

The main telecommunications operators coincided last Wednesday with their respective announcements: Telefonica has deployed its 1 Gbps super fiber optic networks in the Temporary Hospital of the Autonomous Community of Madrid of Ifema, with 100 Mbps connections in the 11 medicalized hotels. Orange will begin this week to distribute 2,200 connected tablets between Spanish hospitals, among other humanitarian plans. Vodafone will distribute 600 daily menus in hospitals and residences, in addition to transferring its digital talents to the Third Sector, while its experts in social networks fight the fake news. Masmovil will donate 2,000 Samsung terminals and 400 MiFis (wireless routers) for hospitals, residences, patients and healthcare personnel, and Euskaltel will offer free connections of 30 GB per month for families confined in places without WiFi access.

Businesses of all sizes shoulder their shoulders

Large, medium, small, autonomous and voluntary. Tens of companies and thousands of individuals face the current difficulties with a constructive and supportive spirit. Naturgy will allow deferring electricity and gas bills to four million customers in the free market. BBVA will carry out this week a first delivery of 1,043 respirators and 400,000 masks to the Spanish health authorities with the logistical help of Inditex. C&A has also delivered 41,000 masks to the La Paz University Hospital in Madrid. Repsol has started to produce 3,000 liters of hydroalcoholic gel per week at its technology center in Mostoles (Madrid), up to now dedicated to the production of competition lubricants, and has delivered a laboratory equipment to the Hospital de La Paz to carry out some 500 daily tests for detecting coronavirus. The Eurecat technology center will facilitate the testing of the masks to validate the effectiveness of bacterial filtration, breathability and microbial cleaning. The Castellon-based company Graphenglass has developed a pulmonary ventilation device, with a ‘T’ shaped system, so that the operation of a ventilator serves two or four patients at the same time. The Madrid companies El Brillante and Viena Capellanes bring free food to the Ifema field hospital. The Cartagena tourist complex La Manga Club donates basic necessities to three local NGOs. Bacardi will dedicate 2.7 million euros to support bars and restaurants that have had to close due to the coronavirus. Artesola delivers a thousand lamps that he had in stock to illuminate the beds of the Ifema field hospital. The MasterMind Emprendedores Online platform offers daily live advice, in its particular #yomequedoencasa festival, but with digital marketing.


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