Four exhaust silencers installed on a Fiat Uno

Four exhaust silencers installed on a Fiat Uno

It is not the first time that we see a peculiar modification on the YouTube channel Garage 54, absolutely. On this channel we have seen so many curious videos with cars as protagonists that we would not know how to keep the best. Of the last published is this that we bring you, a video where we can see how they install four exhaust silencers on a Fiat Uno. The result is, to say the least, strange.

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In Garage 54’s long list of videos we’ve seen everything from car conversions to all-wheel drive, experiments with gearboxes, or installing multiple wheels to a car. For this last experiment, the Fiat Uno that we see in the video, a car with no less than eight wheels installed. Yes, as you read and you can see, eight wheels to a car of less than four meters.

In its latest creation we can see no less than four exhaust silencers in the same Fiat Uno, one for each cylinder. Although, it is true that this experiment is not the first time that we can see it, since more have dared to install more exhaust silencers. In this sense, the most popular are the ones we see on hot-rod, preparations extremely curious looking.

We cannot explain in words how the Outcome, for this you have to see the following video. How do you think the experiment ended?



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