Francois-Xavier Demaison very moved to discover images of him at 22

François-Xavier Demaison very moved to discover images of him at 22

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Francois-Xavier Demaison very moved to discover images of him at 22

In Children of TV, Laurent Ruquier suggested to Francois-Xavier Demaison to rediscover images of him dating from 1995. What revive some beautiful emotions for the actor …

Francois-Xavier Demaison is an outstanding French actor, but above all he is a former businessman. Indeed, he did business for a long time in the United States, before returning to France and becoming the great actor we know. But what we know less is that before traveling the world on business, he already wanted to be on the boards! Indeed, guest this evening of the show of Laurent Ruquier, Children of TV, on France 2, the actor found himself facing images of him from 1995, he was then only 22 years old. We see him on a theater stage, giving the reply to an actress, speaking in verse. Images that Francois-Xavier Demaison seemed to have forgotten, and which brought back many memories to him.

Memories memories…

Very moved, he understood better why, by launching the tape recorder, Laurent Ruquier told him that he had put a few seconds before saying that it was him on the pictures! The presenter then invited Francois-Xavier Demaison to explain where these images were taken from … “During Florent, end of year show with Xavier Florent … Indeed, I was 53 pounds lighter. It’s moving to see that again.“Laurent Ruquier then asked him to explain why he had been a businessman before an actor.”I was in free class at Florent classes, at the same time I was studying. Studies prevailed for a while and I returned to my lifelong passion for theater.“”The proof with these images“confirms Laurent Ruquier. Mocking himself, Francois-Xavier Demaison retorts”Yes, finally ‘the proof’, it was not won, we will not lie! “Enough to amuse the public and the guests present this evening. Because around the table, the star host of We are not lying also received the singer Eve Angeli, the queen of the night Regine and the actor of the hit series Ten percent, Gregory Montel, all come to promote a new film, concert or album. A very warm moment on this Sunday evening!