Frederic Oudea (French Banking Federation): Is the ECB doing too much or not enough?

Frédéric Oudéa (French Banking Federation): Is the ECB doing too much or not enough?

Duration: 10:49

This Thursday, March 19, Frederic Oudea, president of the French Banking Federation, returned to the ECB’s 750 billion euro plan to support the euro zone in the face of the crisis caused by the coronavirus in the Good Morning Business program presented by Hedwige Chevrillon. Good Morning Business is to see or listen to from Monday to Friday on BFM Business. In “Good morning business”, Christophe Jakubyszyn, Faïza Garel-Younsi and the journalists of BFM Business (Nicolas Doze, Hedwige Chevrillon, Jean-Marc Daniel, Anthony Morel …) decipher and analyze economic, financial and international news. Entrepreneurs, big bosses, economists and other actors of the business world … Do not miss the interviews of the only economic morning in France, on TV and radio. BFM Business is the 1st French channel of continuous economic and financial information, with exclusive interviews of bosses, entrepreneurs, politicians, experts and economists in order to cover all French and international news . BFM Business also offers advice for your finances by leading personalities in the fields of heritage, real estate or financial markets. Find every day: Christophe Jakubyszyn, Faïza Garel-Younsi, Nicolas Doze, Hedwige Chevrillon, Jean-Marc Daniel, Anthony Morel, Guillaume Sommerer, Cedric Decoeur, Karine Vergniol, Gregoire Favet, Sebastien Couasnon, Emmanuel Lechypre, Benaouda Abdeddaïm, Stephanie Coleau … BFM Business is available on your box (SFR: channel 46 / Orange: channel 228 / Bouygues: channel 242 / Channel: channel 108) as well as live and replay on the BFM Business application and the website: www.


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