Free, Monoprix, Doctolib … the commercial gestures of companies faced with coronavirus

Free, Monoprix, Doctolib ... the commercial gestures of companies faced with coronavirus

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Free, Monoprix, Doctolib … the commercial gestures of companies faced with coronavirus

Several brands are agreeing to make their customers’ lives easier as restrictions are increasing to stem the epidemic.

Emmanuel Macron called on the French to limit their trips, and not to visit the elders. In a televised address Thursday, March 12, the President of the Republic asked the most vulnerable to stay at home. These restrictions are added to the closure of all schools and universities from Monday, March 16. Some brands have also become aware of the exceptional nature of the situation and have adapted. According to The Parisian, distributors Franprix and Monoprix offer to deliver shopping baskets to the most vulnerable people.

The two brands have set up a toll free number. This way, people who are afraid of going to the supermarket, or who do not have internet, can reach this number and have it delivered for free. The baskets in question should last three to four days. They are offered from 30 euros. These are mainly rice, pasta, as well as fruits and vegetables, along with cleaning products.

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Special offers

The telecommunications sector has also decided to adapt its offers to exceptional circumstances. According to information from Numerama, Free will provide more data to its 4G plans. The operator will cap its offers limited to 50 MB per month. Until the end of April, these will increase to 1 GB per month. On the side of Samsung, we are tackling the cleaning of smartphones. The company undertakes to disinfect them free of charge in several countries. This “Galaxy Sanitizing Service” will be launched in the next few weeks Phoneandroid.

As for Doctolib, the site has announced that it is making teleconsultation “free of charge”. As explained Business Insider, this offer extends to “all physicians.” Nearly 3,500 doctors have already subscribed to the company’s services.

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More original, the Pornhub site offers Italians Premium subscriptions. According to Phoneandroid, the site thus hopes to encourage citizens to stay at home, and to respect the instructions for limiting travel. The site recalls that anyone who leaves without a valid reason risks up to three months’ imprisonment and a 2,500 euro fine. Italy is the second most affected country in the world, with more than 15,000 cases detected and 1,016 deaths.


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