Freiburg: Police dissolve “corona parties”

Freiburg: Police dissolve

In Freiburg, the police dissolved several youth celebrations in the corona crisis. At Munster, the officials caught a suspected thief of disinfectant.

© Karl-Josef Hildenbrand / DPA

The adolescents and young adults had gathered on barbecues and playgrounds, among other things: In Freiburg the police took action against several “corona parties”. The officials in the city of Baden-Wurttemberg were called up several times throughout the entire service district, as the police said.

The sizes of the groups of people were in the two- to three-digit range. Local residents had previously alarmed the police several times. According to the police, the young people sometimes reacted inconsiderately when the meetings were dissolved. The officials gave orders and pointed out that meetings like this are currently not helpful – and unnecessarily burdens the emergency services.

100 liters of disinfectant stolen

In North Rhine-Westphalia again, the police identified a suspected thief of disinfectant. The 28-year-old is suspected of stealing around a hundred liters of the liquid that was rare in the corona crisis from a hospital warehouse – and of having offered the bottles for sale on the Internet.

The investigators had tracked down the suspect through evidence, announced the police in Munster. Police found parts of the loot in the man’s apartment in Havixbeck in the Coesfeld district. Criminal proceedings are underway against the accused, who denies the crime.

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