from its beginnings to today, it has changed a lot (PHOTOS)

from its beginnings to today, it has changed a lot (PHOTOS)

Reese Witherspoon: From its beginnings to today, it has changed a lot (PHOTOS)

Reese Witherspoon celebrates her birthday today: a look back at the rich career of a blonde who has taken her revenge!

No, blondes are not just pretty bimbos whose only attraction would be limited to their physique. And yet that is what one might think at the sight of Reese Witherspoon, an actress from New Orleans (Louisiana), over the course of her roles, become one of the figures of popular and exciting American cinema. After a childhood spent first in Germany and then in Tennessee, she began to play in local advertisements and then chained small roles in cinema, the most significant of which was that of Dani in A summer in Louisiana in 1991. But sunlights are not yet a final choice for the young woman who is studying at Stanford University. Only here, the appeal of the sets and the 7th art are missing from Reese Witherspoon. So she returned in 1996 in Fear alongside Mark Wahlberg and in Freeway with Kiefer Sutherland.

Reese’s revenge

In 2001, it was by obtaining the leading role in Revenge of a blonde, a successful comedy, that Reese Witherspoon is taking off. Playing on the image of the blonde, young brainless, the actress rallies almost all the votes: lovers of light films and even her detractors, who see in this role a perfect opposite to the culture of appearance. She then rides this success with two more comedies: Fashion Victim (2002) and The blonde strikes back (2003). But it was in 2006, with Walk the Line, from James Mangold, that the actress reached a new high in her career. In this biopic about country singer Johnny Cash, she shares the poster with Joaquin Phoenix by performing June Carter, the singer’s wife. At only 33, she won the Oscar for best actress.

However, her Oscar does not offer her the roles she could have expected. She then decides to go into production with Wild, a demanding film for which she will be named again. On the private side, after her marriage to Ryan Philippe in 1999, then her divorce eight years later, the young woman found love in the arms of Jim Toth. Today, Reese Witherspoon often appears at previews with her daughter Ava, his spitting image !