From Poland to Georgia – there are still few infections

From Poland to Georgia - there are still few infections

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Poland reports 536 infections, the borders are closed, gatherings of more than 50 people are prohibited. Confiscated alcohol is used for disinfection. But Poland has neglected its health system financially and structurally in recent years. The Polish healthcare system is facing major challenges.


Croatia has a little over 230 confirmed corona infections, but here too the numbers are increasing rapidly. The Ministry of Health thinks the epidemiological situation in the country is still under control – at least compared to the neighboring countries.


The authorities are showing up in Romania alarmed by a sudden surge infections, even if there are only around 370 cases so far.


Georgia has declared the state of emergency, which should apply until April 21 for the time being. The borders are tight here too, only the shops for everyday needs remain open. 54 cases have been reported and the authorities are cracking down when the quarantine rules are violated.


Greece reports 530 cases and 13 deaths so far. The authorities in Athens are calling on all Greeks to massively restrict social life – with little success. In good weather and 20 degrees, people were drawn outside and to the beach. The government warned that the population would face stricter restrictions. Meetings of 10 or more people outside have been banned and violators will be fined 1,000 euros. Out China is an aid delivery by plane arrived with eight tons of medical supplies.

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