Gianmarco gets romantic with his ‘Adari’

Gianmarco gets romantic with his 'Adari'

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Adara grows and the love Gianmarco feels for her also. The winner of ‘Gh VIP 7’ turns 27 years old and has received the best gift possible, a public dedication of love by her boy. Than she is in love It was clear, but if someone still doubted whether or not the feelings of the Italian were sincere, they will surely stop when reading the message, romantic if not more so, than Gianmarco has written to him on his Twitter profile. The former ‘GH VIP’ contestant has grown tender and has melted the nets with his birthday congratulations to Adara.

Adara and Gianmarco

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Adara and Gianmarco

“Even if time passes, you sYou are still unique and beautiful and I can do nothing but love you more and more. Happy birthday my love, happy birthday to the person who does better every day of my life. I love you”. With these words Gianmarco Onestini not only has melted Adaras heart, but has convinced many unbelievers that their love for Madrid is real.

But the strongest is not only that, but the brutal repercussion that his birthday message has had on Twitter. The thousands of followers of the Italian have gone crazy with this dedication of love that already accumulates almost 6 million likes, there is nothing … And of course both ‘I like’, so much retuit and so much comment have ended by turn Adaras birthday into Trending Topic.

Gianmarco polygraph

© Telecinco
Gianmarco polygraph

This beautiful proof of love has surely made Adaras 27th birthday happy and made her forget disappointment with his father after he publicly supported Hugo Sierra who is currently competing in ‘Survivientes 2020’ together with Elena, the mother of the Madrilenian. Despite the disgust with her father, the winner of ‘GH VIP 7’ has right now everything you need to be happy: the love of Gianmarco and his little Martin.


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