Giant rush for disinfectants at Aldi

Giant rush for disinfectants at Aldi

Dusseldorf. Aldi Sud had disinfectants on Monday morning. As expected, the rush was very large, the funds sold out within a few minutes.

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“Disinfectants sold out!”: Notes in an Aldi branch in Dusseldorf.

The discounters’ non-food offers follow a fixed rhythm throughout the year. At the beginning of March, for example, Aldi Sud always has travel utensils in the wire baskets of its branches.

In addition to suitcases, bags, backpacks, luggage trolleys and support knee-highs, there are always disinfectants: Hygienic gel, hygiene wipes and hygiene spray, per pack for 1.75 euros.

Of course, when planning and ordering the products well in advance, nobody at Aldi could have guessed that the offer would come at a time when the corona virus was going to infect the whole world and disinfectants had become extremely rare in stores.

And so what happened on Monday morning happened: Queue in front of the Aldi branches in Dusseldorf as well, as you have rarely seen since the legendary Aldi PCs around the turn of the millennium.

In front of the branch on Oberbilker Allee, for example, people stood from the front door across the parking lot through the gate entrance to the street. A saleswoman reported. The disinfectants were sold out within a few minutes.

Similar scenes could be seen in front of the Aldi on KOnigsallee. “There were at least 200 people at the door before we opened at 8:00 am,” said a salesperson. Only three products were sold per buyer, but “everything was gone immediately”. They also had relatively few products because, of course, they did not expect the corona virus.

All that can still be seen in the branches of the disinfectants are notes stuck to the columns and doors with inscriptions such as: “Dear customers, disinfectants are sold out!”

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