Great news from Antarctica!

Great news from Antarctica!

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The ozone hole is shrinking.

The steadily progressing climate change pollutes people, animals and the environment. But finally there is good news! New research results have now been obtained in the Antarctic.The ozone layer protects living beings on earth from the harmful effects of solar radiation. Scientists introduced the first time in the 80s Thinning of the ozone layer over the Antarctic after.

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Ozone layer over the Antarctic is recovering

A research group from the University of Colorado (USA) reports that the protective ozone layer has been disappearing since 2000 declining become. It has even been observed that the ozone hole over the Antarctic is gradually closing.

Of course it is another long processuntil further visible improvements appear. This is mainly because the harmful chemical compoundsthat attack the ozone layer, such as emissions of exhaust gases, very durable are.

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Good news: the ozone hole may have disappeared by 2050

The researchers’ result is a clear signal that human actions can affect the Earth’s climate and the negative consequences of climate change can be stopped. It is one thing to sensitize the economy, society and everyone to the topic necessary way to combat global warming caused by greenhouse gases.

Now we want to investigate further to what extent our efforts affect the decline of the ozone hole.

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