Guinness Cake, this is the perfect cake to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day or Father’s Day at home

Guinness Cake, this is the perfect cake to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day or Father's Day at home

© Levaduramadre Natural Bakery

  • Take advantage of the fact that you have to stay at home to enjoy and learn how to make the cake that combines chocolate, cheese and beer: the Guinness Caj
  • Yeast Mother Natural Bakery, which has been making it in Madrid for years, give us its recipe

Let go of conventions and dare to risk. Because we already know that this cake with cream, sponge cake and strawberries is going to die, just like Grandmas cake with biscuit and truffle that you have bought or made so many times because you know it is a sure success. But you have to know that sometimes you have to look further and take a little risk to discover new things that you will like as much or more than the classic ones. We are talking about cakes, and in these troubled times in which we have to change our chip and stay at home due to the Coronavirus COVID-19, taking into account that next March 17 is Saint Patrick’s Day and on March 19 Father, we bet on the Guiness Cake. And you will understand why.

If we combine chocolate, cheese and dark beer, we are sure that, separately, they are flavors that you love. But if we tell you that they fit like a hand in a glove, you may doubt it. But, do us, case, it is so. It is not an extravagant and risky idea at all, it is a perfect fusion of flavors that will make you addicted to it.

Guinness Tart, by Yeast Mother Natural Bakery

© Levaduramadre Natural Bakery
Guinness Tart, by Yeast Mother Natural Bakery

What does that cake look like?

Called “Guiness Cake”, there is no doubt. It is a tart copy of the famous Guinness stout. The black color of the sponge cake contrasts with the cream cheese, imitating an authentic pint of Guinness. This one that we show you is from Levaduramadre Natural Bakery, where they have been preparing it for years.

Moncho Lopez, from Levaduramadre Natural Bakery, explains that his Guinness Tart is an “adaptation of a classic recipe, that of cacao and liqueur biscuits, in which rum, whiskey or brandy are replaced by a good dark beer. The Guinness Cake is a chocolate cake prepared from flour, butter, sugar and cocoa in which the beer brings the colorful black color, a lot of humidity and a certain spicy touch to the cake, but we do not expect to find the depth of the flavor of the beer”.

The final touch is put by the soft mascarpone cream that crowns the cake and that makes the result resemble an authentic pint of Guinness like the one you can find in any Irish pub.

Pint of Guinness beer and Guinness Cake

© Gettyimages / From Levaduramadre Natural Bakery,
Pint of Guinness beer and Guinness Cake

Make your own Guinness Cake at home!

Follow the steps in our video. You only need to have the following ingredients prepared: butter, chocolate powder, white sugar, brown sugar, Guinness beer, eggs, sour cream, vanilla extract, flour, baking soda, salt and mascarpone cheese.


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