Hackers paralyze the learning platform Mebis

Hackers paralyze the learning platform Mebis

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Teachers can deposit teaching materials with Mebis.

On Monday, hackers paralyzed the online platform Mebis, which was originally intended for distance learning in Bavaria. The servers have been exposed to an attack since early morning, the site operators tweeted. The attack was caused by hundreds of thousands of automated pageviews. They are working to get the page up and running again, it said from the Bavarian Ministry of Culture in Munich.

During the school closings due to the corona pandemic, the Bavarian schoolchildren are to be provided with learning material by their teachers via Mebis in the coming weeks. An archive with exam tasks, an information portal and around 55,000 media can also be accessed in the virtual classroom.

Bavaria is one of the countries that have an online platform, but these are not designed for a comprehensive replacement of closed schools. The Ministry in Munich also referred to school television. From Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m. the educational channel ARD-alpha broadcasts a learning program. Also in the BR Media Library of the Bavarian Radio, content can be called up under the heading “School at home – learn online” – as on Mebis, if it works. (dpa)

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