He is expecting triplets with his daughter’s ex-boyfriend

He is expecting triplets with his daughter's ex-boyfriend

At 50, Barrie is expecting triplets with Scott, 25, and his daughter’s former boyfriend. Both men use a surrogate mother.

We told you about it last November. At the time, Tony and Barrie Drewitt-Barlow, the first British gay couple to have children using a surrogate mother in 1999, made headlines in the British press. And for good reason, after 32 years of common life, the couple decided to separate. Barrie had fallen in love with his daughter’s ex-boyfriend, Scott. A reciprocal love since the two lovers started dating.

Today, The Sun reveals that Barrie and Scott have also used a surrogate and are expecting triplets, while they still live in the same house as Tony. “I’m excited to tell you that Scott and I are expecting triplets. We use a surrogate mother and she got pregnant the first time, ”said Barrie, who said she was expecting three little girls.

A happy family

Proof that despite their separation Barrie and Tony still get along, the latter would be happy for his ex-companion. “Tony is also excited, even if it means that our marriage is really over after all these years. So it’s both sweet and bitter. But we will all continue to live under the same roof. We are happy. If people don’t understand that, that’s their problem, not ours, “he concludes.


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