He randomly kills a child, yelling “It’s the end of the world!”

He randomly kills a child, yelling

An American was arrested for the murder of an 11-year-old boy whose residence was the subject of bullets from the suspect.

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An unjust and gratuitous death. An 11-year-old boy was killed by a man in Idaho. The magazine’s website “PeopleReports that the child and his family were randomly targeted by the bullets of the suspect who started shooting at the caravan in which they lived. He committed his crime with an automatic rifle, yelling, “This is the end of the world!”.

Initial reports indicate that the suspect spotted the family last weekend at a gas station and followed them to the place where they lived. This is where he would have started shooting, Sunday evening, for no apparent reason. “It’s probably the scariest part, because we don’t have any form of provocation here or anything that explains all of that at the moment,” prosecutor Adam Strong said on Sunday. chain KTVB.

“He was the most adorable boy”

The sheriff gave details of the suspect, a 44-year-old man named Benjamin Poirier from Emmett, Idaho. “He’s a guy whos not from town, he didn’t know anyone, he just chose this place. He left his vehicle along the road, started walking and started shooting, screaming that it’s the end of the world, it’s time to die, that sort of thing, “commented the sheriff. He was quickly arrested following the call of a neighbor and an officer who managed to bring him to the ground in time. He was charged with murder and imprisoned without the possibility of release on bail.

The little victim, whose name has not been released, has lived there with her family for 3 years. “He was the most adorable and polite boy, he always said yes sir or no sir. He spoke softly, he was kind. This family was absolutely one of the friendliest I know, “said a neighbor. “As a father, I cannot imagine living such a thing as losing a child at such a young age and in such dire circumstances,” said the prosecutor.


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