He revealed his homosexuality and all basketball banked him

He revealed his homosexuality and all basketball banked him

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Sebastian Vega counted through a letter that is homosexual and several athletes went out to bank it.

Sebastian Vega, Gymnastics basketball player of Comodoro Rivadavia, was encouraged to reveal on Twitter what he had never been able to communicate and several outstanding basketball personalities sent him a message of support after having made his homosexuality public. Facundo Campazzo, Sergio Hernandez, Gabriel Deck, Julio Lamas and Patricio Garino were some of those who wrote to him on the social network.

“The truth will set us free,” was the title that put the eaves of 31 years to his letter on social networks. After the message was published, he began to viralize and received several positive comments about his decision to publicly publicize his sexuality. Facundo Campazzo, base of Real Madrid, replied on Twitter and said: “I admire you very much for the courage to draw this letter and it also hurts me that you suffered so much. We have to move forward, each person’s sexuality should not be questioned. “

Another of those who joined and banked the eaves of Gymnastics of Comodoro Rivadavia was Sergio Hernandez, The coach of the Argentine National Team. “Surely in a short time it will not be necessary for people to have to express themselves in order to be happy! Surely you, Seba, with this letter full of love, will have helped a lot to make that happen. Enjoy life friend! I love you, “wrote Sheep.

The eave Patricio garino, who currently plays for Saski Baskonia, also answered the message to former Boca and Penarol player: “It seems crazy to me that we still have to go out and testify publicly for what we feel. Congratulations Seba Vega for letting everything flow. We must be more like you and show ourselves without filters, be and let be! Big hug”.

“Admiration and pride, friend. I love you so much”he expressed Gabriel Deck, who was companion of the entrerriano in Quimsa. In turn, the former coach of the Argentine National Team Julio Lamas it was precise and with a few simple words the letter replied: “As you said, Seba: the truth sets us free. You are brave. Everything will be fine. Hug”.

In addition to the athletes and coaches, the Argentine Basketball Confederation also expressed itself in this regard and wrote a word on the social network: THANK YOU Seba Vega for demonstrating with your example that the most beautiful thing is to live in freedom! The basketball family embraces you with pride and love! “

Sebastian Vegas letter:

“I remember the moment exactly: I lying in bed, absolutely in the dark, looking at the ceiling in silence, not knowing what to do, not wanting to assume, with my head exploded. I had just been with a man for the first time and I didn’t I could accept that night was one of the worst I remember, not only because I couldn’t enjoy anything but because it meant a definite change in my life and my structures, I was torn between my desire to be with another man and everything else. I repressed feelings, I felt I was missing, I could not understand how a person of the same sex attracted me, that was not right, that was not “normal.” And I wanted to be normal, it was a moment of break.

“From that day on, I began to repress feelings and desires. I was dating a girl trying to continue with my heterosexual life, but after a while the desire to be with a man came up again. And then I met who would become in my partner for the next six years, they were months of absolute personal confusion, I lied to myself, I denied reality, I was frustrated, sad, I didn’t understand why that happened to me, I wanted to be one more, I wanted to fit. I wanted to be like my classmates and friends. And I started to sink. I felt like my profession and my personal life were going different ways to the point where I came to consider the retirement of basketball, which is what I love most in life, to to devote myself to something that would allow me to have a quieter sentimental life, away from the exhibition, I really didn’t know what to do.

“In that season (14/15) I began to injure myself all the time. My body was evidently yelling at me that something was wrong, that I had to change. So, after starting therapy, I decided to take the reins of my life and told him the novelty to my family. I don’t forget anymore: I faced my dad and I was determined to tell him, with a lot of fear (terror I would say), assuming he was going to throw me out of the house. I was prepared for the worst. my total surprise, his reaction was of love.It was a tough scene, he almost vanished while I told him, but he accepted it.I had to understand that it was a process for him and my mom.And I respected him.It was a tremendous relief to find support in my family, beyond having a hard time assuming it.

“After that great test passed, a couple of years later, I could begin to tell my friends of Gualeguaychu. I was tired of having to lie, of saying that I was with women when in fact it was not so. Sometimes I said that I was going on vacation with friends when I was actually going with my partner back then. What kind of friendship did I give my friends hiding everything? I was not being honest with them or with me. I started with the close ones. I always remember that I did crying, as if there was something wrong, living eternally in the dark in case anyone could infer it, pretending to be single, could not leave the labyrinth, and had to do it to be happy again, already in Comodoro, playing in gymnastics, I took courage (a lot) and I told a great friend (Lucas Perez) everything he had been living in. Trembling I could tell him that he was gay.His reaction was super natural.At the time, I gathered courage and I could also confessed to the coach, Martin Villagran, who stayed stunned but gave me containment and affection. I valued it. Later I told the team captain, Diego Romero, and later to other teammates.

“I wanted and needed to feel freer. I had spent too many years in the shade. They also supported me, showed me that I would not change anything, that things would stay the same. That my sexual orientation would not change my personal situation, what I was (and I am) as a person, I was very afraid of being out of work, and in that the club leaders were the first to support me, perceiving that group and institutional protection allowed me to gain confidence and stability, I no longer had to continue living in the shades.

“They were very hard years. Years where I carried a very heavy backpack on my shoulders. And I didn’t want to have it anymore. I didn’t want to hide anymore. I wasn’t doing anything wrong, I hadn’t killed anyone. They were years of stress where fear directly paralyzed me. I was terrified that someone suspected that I was gay. I became a closed person. I was isolated to avoid having to give explanations and even stopped doing things that I liked so as not to expose myself to anything. I cried and cursed myself for a very long time. I didn’t want to be different, but today I can say that all that pain strengthened me, it made me grow.

“What is the objective of all this? What do I want to achieve? The most important thing is to be able to close a stage and feel free at once. Free from guilt, from feeling at fault. Show everyone, and myself, that my profession and my personal or sentimental life can go the same way. That I can be gay and continue playing basketball with the commitment I had since I debuted in the League. I am the same as always. I would also like this trigger to help others people who are perhaps or were in a similar situation Help on that route, so that it is at least a little lighter, less traumatic.

“Today I take a decisive step in my life. I am anxious, I am afraid, uncertain, anxious, I have been sleeping little and badly for days. I wrote this letter with my heart in my hand. I know it will mark my future, but it will also allow me to reconcile with it. past. And walking with my head up. Chasing my own freedom “


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