he saves her with impressive cold blood (video)

he saves her with impressive cold blood (video)

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A skier finds a girl TOTALLY stuck in the snow: he rescues her with an impressive cold blood (video)

A young 19-year-old skier was very, very scared at Les Arcs in France. While skiing alone, she fell head first into the powder, until she was stuck to the point of not being able to extricate her body from the snow.

The upper body totally stuck

Only her legs came out of the hole in which she was stuck. Other skiers may have passed by without even seeing her, but Will, a well-equipped British skier, noticed the skier on the track.

Impressive composure

Do not panic, he shouts to him to remain calm, while taking out of his bag a small removable shovel, which he assembles with an impressive cold blood. After a few seconds, Will clears the snow around the girl. Another French-speaking skier also came to lend a hand.

Quickly, the skier is released. Stunned but unharmed, she thanks her saviors. Going off piste can be very risky, even more if you are alone. This skier will certainly hesitate to repeat the experience right away!


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