Heidi Klum makes fun of toilet paper horters

Heidi Klum makes fun of toilet paper horters

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Has not yet lost her sense of humor: Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum has apparently not yet lost her sense of humor despite the self-imposed corona quarantine. On Instagram she allowed herself to have fun at the expense of all toilet paper horters.

In Australia, fear of the Corona virus caused a rush on toilet paper last week. Especially the scenes in which three women fight for the coveted paper rolls went around the world. And here in Germany too, the corona panic ensures that more and more people are bunkering toilet paper. Incomprehensible to many. And also model mom Heidi Klum (46) now had a little fun at the expense of toilet paper hoarding.

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On her Instagram account Klum posted a small videoin which she apparently sits on the toilet. It only shows her feet, then the camera pans to the left towards the toilet paper dispenser. Klum rolls about two sheets before the horror appears before her eyes: they were the last. In addition, Klum escapes a startled tone. In addition to the video, which was obviously not meant to be serious, she wrote: “Neeeeeiiiiiin”.

She is still waiting for her test results

Heidi Klum is currently in self-imposed quarantine and is waiting for her Corona test, as she did yesterday (March 15) known via Instagram gfrom. She felt sick the whole past week. Her husband, Tom Kaulitz (30), also returned from a tour concert with his band Tokio Hotel (“Dream Machine“) felt sick, which is why, to be on the safe side, they were temporarily separated from each other until the results of their tests were there.

At least Kaulitz seems to be feeling better. Because like that US celebrity portal “TMZ” reports, the musician had been spotted on Sunday (March 15th) with his brother Bill Kaulitz (30) in Los Angeles shopping for groceries in a supermarket. The pictures that “TMZ” published for the report show the Kaulitz brothers wearing face masks and surgical gloves.

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