her son is “in shock” …

her son is

In full confinement, Jean-Luc Reichmann has become a bit of a knock on TikTok …

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Jean-Luc Reichmann is delirious: his son is “in shock” …

In these times of confinement, everyone is doing their best. And if Matt Pokora has just created his profile on TikTok (the favorite social network for teens), to have fun in full babysitting her newborn , Isaiah, he is not alone! At 59, the animator Jean-Luc Reichmann, decided to try his luck! And it takes much more than he imagined!

Swann completely “in shock”

Already very active on Instagram and on Twitter, the host of “12 noon shots” has published several videos in the past week where he “tries TikTok”, and has fun with filters and music. And the very first sequence in which he asked for news from his fans was a hit more than 1.5 million times!

In fact, in just a few days, the TV star managed to attract no less than 94,000 followers. A feat that leaves her 14 year old son Swann completely “in shock”.

“Dad, you do anything”

The latter also notes that his father succeeded in “breaking through in a day” barely, with his antics on the Web! A success which should not calm the ardor of Jean-Luc Reichmann, and which risks embarrassing a little more the brother of Rosalie and Hugo! The teenager commented on Instagram about his father’s delusions: “Daddy, you do anything”.

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