Here he shows his favorite helmets

Here he shows his favorite helmets

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Valentino Rossi’s helmet design 2008/09: Very special for the Italian to this day

After Valentino Rossi gave us a look at his Collection of racing suits granted, the MotoGP rider now opens his helmet archive in the latest video with Dainese. And that houses some real classics, after all, the “doctor” is known for his extraordinary designs.

“The idea is to create a special helmet and convey something with the graphics, a special helmet for the Italian Grand Prix in Mugello, then for Misano, but also special helmets for the World Cup victories,” Rossi explains the reason for the special helmet designs , of which there were quite a number.

His first helmets were from Dainese himself, “because I wore Dainese from head to toe in 1995,” recalls the Italian. “Then we switched to AGV. It was the first Soleluna helmet, created by Aldo Drudi. This helmet was something special, the visor could be removed manually.”

Rossi presents the “most victorious helmet of all”

Rossi continues to work with Drudi to this day. And the Italian has also remained true to the Soleluna motif, albeit with deviations. “The helmet from 2003 is a historical helmet for me because we changed the model. When it came out, it was really nice,” the 41-year-old still enthuses today.

“Then that was the most victorious Soleluna graphic. I used it in 2003, 2004 and 2005. This helmet is practically unbeatable: Worn three years, won the World Cup three years, once with Honda, twice with Yamaha. The most victorious helmet of all and for me it is also one of the most beautiful. ”

However, the helmets continued to develop not only in terms of design, but also technically. For example, Rossi remembers 2008: “This is GP-Tech, a real leap forward, a really nice helmet, very aerodynamic, already in the form of drops, much lighter than the other, much smaller, it was really beautiful.”

Enormous technical development of MotoGP helmets

With him, Rossi won the 2008/09 World Championship with Yamaha and Bridgestone. “It was a fantastic two years,” he says today. “And the helmet was also very beautiful, very different from its predecessor, better worked out with the sun in front and the moon in the back. This helmet is unforgettable for us.”

Each model has its own story. Rossi flirted aggressively with his age in the past, around 2009, when the inscription “Age has its charms” adorned the World Cup helmet for the 9th title. “I was old then, what should I say now ?!” jokes the old MotoGP master.

With the Pista helmet, the technology reached another peak in 2012/13. “It is still modern today because it is much smaller, lighter and has a much larger, wider field of view. When I tried it on for the first time, it was like TV and cinema, because I saw a lot better,” so Rossi.

Pista GP-RR: The features of Rossi’s latest helmet

Today he uses a further development of the Pista, the GP-RR: “We have worked very hard to make it even lighter and smaller, but without losing security. It also complies with the latest strict FIM rules, so we can he can be used in MotoGP. He is absolutely top. ”

Rossi particularly praises the advanced aerodynamics and the high level of comfort of this helmet model. The GP-RR also has a liquid reservoir, “with which you feel like a real MotoGP rider,” grins the Italian. “You can drink while driving or on long journeys.”

“We also worked hard on the anti-fog system, because in MotoGP you can often experience extreme situations when the motorcycle heats up a lot of heat and the helmet fogs up, mostly in bad weather,” says Rossi. “Here the interior has been completely changed to always have a good view.”

The “Doctor” also owns Formula 1 helmets

But not only his own helmets are the pride of the “doctor”. He dedicated an extra showcase to the models that he once exchanged with other drivers, including Formula 1 drivers, MotoGP colleagues, opponents in the 125cc, 250cc, motocross riders. “I even have a Senna helmet,” reveals Rossi.

“Okay, he didn’t give it to me himself, but I have the helmet from Mansell, from Schumacher, from Massa and from Busch, who drives Nascar, and a few helmets from strong crossers.” In addition, there is the head protection of drivers against whom it has been driven, from Manako via Gibernau to Pedrosa.


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