here is the order of priority of the trades to receive masks and gloves

here is the order of priority of the trades to receive masks and gloves

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Coronavirus in Belgium: here is the order of priority of the professions to receive masks and gloves

The coronavirus in Belgium imposes protective equipment such as masks and gloves to protect people likely to be in contact with contaminated people. Faced with a limited number of these accessories, the federal government has established an order of priority for their distribution.

Millions of masks arrived earlier this week and will continue to arrive to protect people from coronavirus contamination. As for the distribution of these masks as well as other protective accessories such as gloves but also test equipment, the Belgian government has established the following hierarchy of professions, based on the advice of scientists and specialists:



In order, from top to bottom:

Caregivers of non-USI COVID Units (Intensive Care Units)

Caregivers of sorting centers

Isolation of suspected / confirmed cases in residential communities

Primary care professionals with care contact with suspected / confirmed cases: general practitioners / home nurses, consultation / Caregivers / Physiotherapist or… or any other health professional

Home nursing care



General practitioners

Help for families

Mortuary personnel and undertakers

Front-line healthcare professionals without healthcare contact with suspected / confirmed cases: general practitioners / nurses at home, consultation / Caregivers / Physiotherapists or any other healthcare professional

Lab: manipulation of respiratory and digestive samples without laminar flow hood


Ambulance service providers in non-COVID-1 ambulances

Help for youth.

All communities.

“The lists of categories of people are therefore not exhaustive, it is necessary to refer to the general recommendation of the type ‘people practicing or attending to aerosolizing acts’ or’ As soon as there is a care contact with suspect patients / COVID19 ‘confirmed, specifies the government in its press release.

REMINDER TO CITIZENS: the standard mask does not protect against contamination and is therefore only used for people who are already infected. As we have already pointed out, wearing a mask is only useful for people infected with coronavirus in Belgium. Wearing a mask helps contain the spread of the virus, but does not protect against the virus. Wearing a mask therefore does not protect people from possible contamination “, remind the authorities.

Professional FFP2 / FFP3 masks

The FFP2 and FFP3 masks are used by healthcare providers, healthcare and support staff who come into direct contact with patients suspected of being infected with COVID-19.

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