his “greatest fear” comes true


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Father of novelist Amelie Nothomb dies: “greatest fear” comes true

Amelie Nothomb lost her father, Patrick Nothomb who was 83 years old. It was the Belgian Embassy in Thailand where he had been stationed for several years that made the news public.

Amelie Nothomb is in mourning. His father Patrick Nothomb died, we learned today, Wednesday March 18, 2020. Contrary to what the Belgian Embassy in Thailand initially announced, who broadcast the news, he did not die from coronavirus but from a heart attack. The embassy quickly posted a patch on its Facebook page, according to The Free. She paid tribute to the one who was Belgian ambassador to Thailand from 1985 to 1988 and offered condolences to his loved ones. “He put his energy, his creativity and his unique sense of human empathy at the service of Belgium and all Belgians in Thailand.” The ambassador was a key player in the construction of a bridge in Bangkok, a symbol of the friendship between the two countries. A doctor of law, Patrick Nothomb had a long career as a diplomat, from 1960 to 2001 during which he traveled around the world and helped to forge the imagination of Amelie Nothomb.

Patrick Nothomb: the source of inspiration for Amelie Nothomb

Patrick Nothomb had forged very strong ties with Japanese culture after being appointed to the country for almost ten years. It greatly influenced her daughter’s vision Amelie Nothomb, which was largely inspired by her childhood in Japan in his many successful novels. Notably the novel Stupor and tremors, awarded the Grand Prix du roman by the French Academy in 1999. “Our departure from Japan mourned this perfect balance. It was a fundamental wrench.“Did she share in an interview with The world in 2017. She then revealed: What worries me is the prospect of losing my parents. They’re still of this world, and I’m glad. But I know you can overcome grief, even terrible, when you are 20 years old rather than when you are 50. I stop being young. So that means that one day, in the face of such a fundamental loss, I will mope.