his message to the critics of professor Didier Raoult

his message to the critics of professor Didier Raoult

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VIDEO Laura Tenoudji treated with chloroquine: her message to the detractors of Professor Didier Raoult

This Thursday, March 26, Laura Tenoudji intervened in You have the floor on France 2. Treated with chloroquine after contracting the coronavirus, the journalist sent a message to the critics of Professor Didier Raoult.

The use of chloroquine to fight coronavirus is debated. For several days, the professor Didier raoult claims that this antiviral, usually used to treat malaria, could cure Covid-19. And his arguments were finally heard by the government. This Thursday, March 26, the Medicines Agency announced that ” the delivery of this treatment would now be supervised and possible for patients with coronavirus and hospitalized ” But the infectious disease specialist has as many supporters as detractors. As revealed The chained Duck, the researcher filed a complaint against X for death threats. Bullying that may have been committed by another doctor.

Laura Tenoudji shares her experience

Among his fervent supporters, Professor Didier Raoult can count on Laura Tenoudji, who herself has followed a treatment based on chloroquine. In a video message broadcast in It’s your turn to speak, this Thursday, March 26, the columnist of Telematin returned to his own experience with coronavirus. ” I felt the first symptoms of Covid-19 on Saturday March 14. It resulted in a lot of tiredness, quite violent aches, a dry but not very pronounced cough and I never had a fever. On Monday March 16, I was diagnosed with Covid-19 and on Wednesday, I had access to treatment with Plaquenil and Zithromaxshe said. After 48 hours, I already felt the first positive effects. The symptoms of the disease began to subside and by the Sunday that followed, I was in great shape. One week after the onset of the disease. ”

Regarding the side effects of chloroquine, Laura Tenoudji said she suffered from ” some nausea but really mild ” But Christian Estrosi’s wife wanted above all to send a message to Didier Raoult’s opponents. ” I would like to say to Professor Raoult’s detractors, or rather I would ask them: if the virus affected them, if the virus affected one of their loved ones, would they continue to refuse treatment? I was touched. Frankly, I was scared, but I don’t regret having taken it “, She continued. And to conclude: ” I just wish that all French people could have a choice.