how hackers plan to take advantage of containment

how hackers plan to take advantage of containment

Cybercrime, another virus that is spreading … While a good part of France has been teleworking since the announcement of the last containment measures by the Head of State to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, the Cybersecurity experts have warned of the risks of working remotely, saying that hackers will try more to infiltrate businesses.

In an alert bulletin of March 16, the platform for assistance to victims of digital nuisance from the government ( had already warned that “cybercriminals are trying to take advantage” of the situation.

“An intensification of cyber attacks of the type ‘data theft’ and / or ransomware (ransomware) on corporate networks, seeking to play on their possible reduction in vigilance or lack of organization, is predictable”, we can read.

Increase in requests for help from security companies

In the United States and Great Britain in particular, the authorities have also started to warn about the risks of working at a distance while requests for help from security companies are increasing. For example, at Cisco Systems, demand has increased 10-fold in recent weeks.

“Many people have never worked at home and they are trying to do it now on a large scale,” said Wendy Nather, consultant in the Duo Security division of Cisco. This sudden change will, she said, lead to more errors, while increasing the pressure on IT teams, thus offering multiple opportunities for hackers to seize passwords in particular.

Under the guise of technical support, she also believes that scammers could also try to take control of users’ computers from a distance.

Several victims already

According to researchers, hackers have usurped the identity of the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the federal public health agency, to gain entry into the user system. Others have used malicious apps to infect phones running Google’s Android system.

Last week, researchers from the Israeli company Check Point also discovered that hackers, via a booby-trapped coronavirus update, had attempted to infiltrate a government network in Mongolia. Cybercriminals are on the lookout “and they are doing what it takes to infiltrate businesses,” said Esti Peshin, chief cyber officer of Israel Aerospace Industries, the country’s largest defense company.

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