how much does the ballot cost?

how much does the ballot cost?

Municipal elections: how much does the election cost?

According to estimates by former PS MP Rene Dosiere, the municipal election would generate just under 200 million euros in spending.

By the way, how much does it “cost” us? At 48 hours of the first round of the municipal elections, scheduled for this Sunday, March 15, the former deputy PS Rene Dosiere has made calculations to estimate the overall amount of expenses occasioned by the municipal elections. Taking as a basis the last electoral consultation of this type, in 2014, Rene Dosiere added the participation then declared by the State, 138 million euros, to the expenses not reimbursed but indeed incurred by the candidates and the parties. , 48 million euros. In total, it obtains a cost of 186 million euros. The details of these calculations are available on his blog.

According to this specialist in the state budget, this represents an expenditure of just under 3 euros per inhabitant. “This is a moderate and controlled cost”, he judges for a “democratic consultation where 902,405 candidates will run” during the first round of municipal elections this Sunday. As a reminder, the electoral code provides that a lump sum refund will be paid to candidates who win at least 5% of the votes cast in the first ballot. Its amount corresponds to 47.5% of the ceiling for election expenses, fixed in each municipality according to the number of inhabitants. Importantly, this reimbursement remains subject to the approval of campaign accounts by the ad hoc committee. In addition, only candidates who present themselves in cities of 9,000 inhabitants or more, can have access to it. In less populated municipalities, where campaigns generally generate limited expenses, no public reimbursement is expected.

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