How to use WhatsApp to teach if you are a teacher during Coronavirus

How to use WhatsApp to teach if you are a teacher during Coronavirus


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One of the first measures that were taken as soon as the Coronavirus began to get out of control was to suspend classes across the country. Millions of schoolchildren were suddenly left without lessons, and hundreds of thousands of teachers without classes to teach. Both sides must remain at home. But while some are lucky enough to continue studying online, others are in centers that are not ready for online classes.

Use WhatsApp to teach

WhatsApp has published a little guide to how your app functions They can be used by different professional sectors. And one of them is that of Educators, who can interact in this way with their students during the State of Alarm in Spain:

Teachers connected with their students

If you don’t have the phone numbers of your students, you can create a universal link that they can use to start a private chat with you through WhatsApp. Share the link by email, your Facebook page or any other non-public channel you use frequently.

Lessons by WhatsApp

You may share lessons using both text messages and voice messages. Facilitate discussion among students as you would in person. For it, Create a group for each room.



Dissemination list for homework

Use the mailing lists to assign homework to many students at once. Only users who have your number saved in their contact books you will receive the message sent by broadcast listn. The answers will only come to you, so students can answer with the complete assignments.

Classes in real time

Provides real-time learning opportunities through group calls and video calls. And you can also use WhatsApp Web, the interface to use WhatsApp on a laptop or desktop computer, to respond quickly in a group chat with several students, typing from the PC.


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