Huawei, a new lifestyle and high-tech address in the heart of Paris

Huawei, a new lifestyle and high-tech address in the heart of Paris

Huawei opened its first Parisian store on Friday, March 6, 2020. This new 850 m2 flagship stands as a technological and lifestyle setting, close to the Opera.

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Moldings, arcades, chandeliers, Versailles parquet floors … For its Parisian store, Huawei has used Parisian and Haussmannian architectural codes in a high-tech version.

9 boulevard des Capucines, a few meters from the Place de l’Opera: for its first Parisian boutique, Huawei offered itself a prominent place … in the heart of the capital’s tourist district and department stores. A new showcase which marks the acceleration of the commercial development of the Chinese brand in France. “It is for us to show the international and local face of Huawei”, says Francois Duris, director of design within the Aesthetics Research Center at Huawei, based in Paris. With a custom design and architectural bias: “We wanted on the one hand to push the Huawei identity and at the same time respect the origin of the place and the local architecture“.

The French Touch reinterpreted

From the street, a large metal mesh, designed like an arch, frames an H-shaped door bearing the effigy of Huawei. “It is a gesture that sums up everything that we wanted to do on this store and on its design: highlight the Parisian and Haussmann architectural themes“, explains Francois Duris.

Inside, light arches welcome smartphones, watches, tablets, PCs and other connected objects. No wooden displays. To “magnify” its products, the brand opted for marble tables. On the ceiling, moldings enhanced with LEDs highlight the decoration. The only note of wood: Versailles parquet which brings warmth and nobility to the whole.

And there is this sculptural chandelier: a luminous and digital creation, composed of very thin large screens, like an allegory of phones or future Huawei products. “We wanted a fusion between technology and lifestyle which benefits from all of our fashion and luxury influences“, sums up Francois Duris.

A friendly and experimental space

More than a boutique, this flagship is positioned as a space for meetings and experiences. “We wanted to create a friendly atmosphere, a bit like at home, very human, where it is about showing the best of technology but also how it fits into our daily lives and our environment.“, continues the design director.

On the first floor, lounge areas invite you to relax and experiment with products, in different configurations. Another tribute to Paris: a 3D model of the city with the Eiffel Tower in the heart allows passers-by to test all the photographic features of Huawei smartphones: wide angle, zoom, night mode … The most curious will not miss either The brand’s latest flagship products: the foldable smartphone Mate Xs or the Sound X speaker designed with French audio specialist Devialet.

Heckled for a few months, Huawei has not given up its efforts and here offers multiple scenarios to demonstrate all its technological know-how, from work to the connected home …


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